Friday, August 14, 2015

Government hails GDP growth. PS says coalition “have given up the country” – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

Government hails GDP growth. PS says coalition “have given up the country”

The vice-president of PSD, Carlos Careers, welcomes the increase of 1.5% of GDP but warns that Portugal can not back “to previous policies,” not lend itself to “adventurism”. The PS criticizes the majority, which has “given up the country.”

Carlos Careers, vice president of PSD, welcomed this Friday, August 14th, with growth of 1.5% of Portuguese GDP in the second quarter. The figures released this morning by the National Institute of Statistics prove, according to Carlos Careers, which Portugal is a nation “with claw” and the Portuguese one “working people.”

“The Portuguese are to be congratulated. They have been assuming the commitment to put Portugal ahead. We demonstrate to the exterior that we are a people of work, a nation with vigor, “said the vice-president of PSD, adding that the effort of the Portuguese, as well as companies,” is something that deserves all of us a profound recognition “.

However, Carlos Careers believes that “not yet achieved what all wish” and therefore “would be very dangerous return to the previous policy. ” “We are certain that [Portugal] will have to continue in this line. There is no room for adventurism”.

The Figures released by INE also earned the praise of Economy Minister Pires de Lima, who said that “Portugal is converging with the economic standard of the eurozone.”

“We would not have grown 1.5% if the investment had not recovering strongly. And today, in Portugal have over 226,000 people working than in 2013 beginning, “recalled the minister.

You Cecilia Meireles, vice-president of the parliamentary group of the CDS-PP stressed that “Portugal grew last year, twice as Spain” and this year once again, “we are growing at a rapid pace in tourism.”

“Italy and France grew well below Portugal. Most countries have not grown as much as us. Portugal grew above the European average, “said Cecilia Meireles.

The statements of the centrist deputy deserved criticism of the socialist John Galamba, who was surprised by the fact that the CDS enter into an equivalent growth in Greece, “a savings of pantanas”.

The GDP figures “show that there is a majority who have given up the country.” “It’s much worse than in countries next door. We should be accelerating more than Spain,” said the deputy PS.

John Galamba defended although “not have a healthy consumption-based growth”, but a growth in automotive sector, based on bank credit. “The explanation of consumption growth does not come from the additional income,” he said.


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