Thursday, August 13, 2015

House rents are frozen for the second year – Express

In 2016, house rents were to remain unchanged for the second consecutive year. In the present scenario, based on a low inflation rate, landlords may apply at most a residual increase, to 0.2%, the papers say today.

The news is headline in the Journal of Business , Economic Daily News and Daily emerece also a call to the first page of the Journal News. The tone is common in all daily, to ensure “frozen rents” or a “residual increase”, translated at most a “slight increase” of 700,000 incomes next year.

In fact, the official figures will not be known within ummês, but the press today venture this prediction based on inflation data published yesterday by the National Statistics Institute, since the average rate of consumer prices the last 12 months, excluding housing , rose by 0.06% in July and in August, is expected to continue close to it.

Officially, the update of rents fixed by law and published in the Official Gazette until the last day of October each year, resulting from changes in the consumer price index without housing in the last 12 months, considering the amounts available in August, but, as a rule, the July data allow already predict what will happen.

This year, according to the forecast of the chief economist at Montepio, Rui Serra, quoted by the Economic Daily, the benchmark for this update is expected to be 0.2% in August and, taking this value to example, who pays rent of 500 euros, teráum increase of 1 euro next year, “is, in effect, a freeze on rents,” says the president of Lisbonense Owners Association, Menezes Leitão, the same newspaper.

This organization leader disputes the indicator used to update the rents on the grounds that it makes no sense to be guided by a coefficient sector “has nothing to do with housing and taking into account only the prices of other products “.

In the accounts of the” Journal of Business “, the residual update rents may even be less than 0.1% after this year due to negative inflation in 2014, rents have had an increase zero. “If the CPI (consumer price index) homeless maintain an average growth of 0.06%, as the registered in July, this will require that an income of 500 euros, for example, will increase by only 30 cent next year. For an income of one thousand euros, an increase of 60 cents, “anticipates newspaper.

The “DN” indicates a range of “0.2% to 0.3%” in rents refresh rate and points out that the value to be applied will have a direct impact on 700,000 families since in Portugal for 700 000 leasing contracts, according to data from the National Statistics Institute.


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