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Camera Seia “with fear” download IMI – Port of the Star

Camera Seia "afraid" of download IMI

The municipality of Seia approved, by a majority, the reduction in 0.02 per cent of the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) for 2017 and also the respective reduction for families with children, with a lump sum between 20 and 70 euros. All Parishes are entitled to discounts and the buildings degraded will continue to be penalized.
The Camera of the Seia approved for 2017 and a rate of Municipal Property Tax (IMI) of 0.48% and as a measure of fiscal discrimination, and to encourage the birth rate a reduction of the amount of such tax for families with children.
“Data that is not linear that the application of the maximum rate of IMI to 0.45% would meet the objectives set out in PAEL, as a matter of precaution and indispensability for their implementation, means the executive to apply, at the moment, the rate of 0,48%,” reads the proposal.
The proposal of the president of the municipality, Carlos Filipe Camelo (PS), which was approved at the last meeting of the executive with five votes in favour and two against, also provides for a positive discrimination for the 20 parishes of the municipality and to various places in the parish of Seia, São Romão e Lapa dos Monies, for the development of measures of urban rehabilitation and also doing with that householders have less burden of this tax.
The positive discrimination of the different parishes is reflected in function of the characteristics of the territories and will be applicable in twenty, as well as in some places of the parish of Seia, São Romão e Lapa dos Monies. The rates of mitigation of the tax start at 2.5% in the parish of Paranhos da Beira, Pinhanços, Santa Marinha e São Martinho, Santa Comba, Santiago de Tourais e Lajes, and in the localities of the Village of Serra, Arrifana, Scull of S. Romão, the Footwall of the Money, Lady of the Exile, Póvoa Velha, Valleys, and Vodra. With a 5% benefit Carragozela and Várzea, Loriga, Elderberry, Sameice and Santa Eulalia, Torroselo and Folhadosa, Travancinha, Valezim, Vila Cova à Coelheira and 10% to the parishes of Girabolhos, Sandomil and Sazes da Beira. Finally, the municipality of Seia, has decided to reduce the IMI at 20% in the parishes of alvoco da Serra, Teixeira, Vine, and Head.
The reduction of the amount to be paid by families with more children is justified by the municipality as “a measure of discrimination for fiscal and even encouraging the birth”. The proposal provides for the reduction of the amount of the tax to 20 euros, 40 euros and 70 euros, respectively, one, two, three or more dependents, given the number of children that constitute the household of the owner to December 31.
The approved proposal also provides for a reduction of 5% of the rate for buildings leased for housing, located in all the parishes of the municipality, and an increase of 30% on the rates applicable to urban buildings degraded, to which the municipality “has determined the execution of conservation works required for the correction of bad conditions of security or health”.
The local authority decided to further reduction of 25% of the rate applicable to urban buildings classified as of public interest, of value, municipal, or cultural heritage, as well as the exemption of tax on urban buildings that are the object of urban rehabilitation, which are located in the Areas of Urban Rehabilitation (ARU) of the historical centers of Seia and São Romão.
according To Philip Camel, “this proposal is part of a strategy of territorial municipal since it introduces a positive discrimination of the different parishes in function of the characteristics of the different territories, the promotion of birth and, in parallel, seeks to contribute to the increase of measures of urban rehabilitation and hence improve the territorial cohesion”.
the deliberations of The authority will be submitted for consideration and vote, to the Municipal Assembly to subsequently be communicated to the Tax Authority.


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