Saturday, September 24, 2016

IMI continues to go down in Alcanena in 2017 – The Lookout

The executive of the municipality of Alcanena approved on the 19th of September the reduction of the IMI (Municipal Property Tax) on the 0,005 % of the value of urban buildings to the to 0.42% for 2017.

The rate was in the 0,425 %, and according to the president of the municipality, this has been a trend of recent years, recalling that in 2015 I was on 0,45%. Fernanda Asseiceira (HP) said that it is the intention of the executive to realise new reduction for 0,415% in 2018.

The proposal is included also a reduction in the rate for all buildings that have been rehabilitated. A building that has been renovated three years ago has a reduction in the rate of IMI in 30%, there are four years in 25%, there are five years in 20%, six years ago at 15%, there are seven years in 10%, and for eight years at 5%.

families with dependents are also benefited after the final value calculated: with a son have a discount of 20 euros, with two children 40 euros and with three or more children 70 euros.

For his part, the buildings in ruins suffer a worsening in 30% and the rate of IMI for pieces of land maintains on 0,8%, as defined by law.

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