Monday, September 26, 2016

Rocha Andrade rejects talk “to bits” about the taxation of patrimony – the Public.en

The secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs, Fernando Rocha Andrade, says that he did not feel unauthorized to hear the Left Bloc (BE) confirm that the Executive was studying a measure to tax the overall real estate higher. But up to the presentation of the next Budget of the State wants to put a stone on the subject, because, you recognize, now nothing is worse than walking the talk on the measure "to bits".

on The sidelines of a conference in the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon has asked the ruler if he felt discredited by the fact that the measure had been public, first, by the voice of the BE (after the news of the Journal of Business that day), to which Rocha Andrade replied: "I have Not felt at all unauthorized. The working group, which includes the Government, the PS and the BE, in addition to some of the personalities of recognized merit, was a working group that had the freedom, of course, to publicise their findings." The position of Rocha Andrade comes days after the leader of the parliamentary group of the BE, Pedro Filipe Soares, to say to the microphones of the TSF that the "media strategy" presentation of the tax was the knowledge of the Executive.

on Monday, the secretary of State refused to advance more details about how it is that the tax will be applied from the taxable value will, after all, the focus, arguing that the measure is still being studied and that has to be seen as a whole only when it is presented to the State Budget, scheduled for October 14.

"I don’t want to anticipate [nothing about the measure] to bits. Nothing is worse for a tax, any regime, of which we are dissecting [a tax measure] to bits. It has to be seen in its entirety and will be presented and explained in its entirety, when you are completed the work of its preparation", was justified.

If this is so, he felt unauthorized? Rocha Andrade ensures that it does not. The members of the BE and HP have done, he said, was to refer to "mechanical essential" to the tax. "Now, what we can’t is to move from discussion of the mechanics essential of the tax to very concrete questions without the work being completed.

The news that the Government is studying a measure to tax the heritage higher above a certain threshold, replacing the current Stamp duty on houses above a million euros, made the headline in the Journal of Business the 15th of September, in the morning, who starred in tvs the "announcement" of the measure was the mrs of BE Mariana Mortagua, then, shortly after, by mr socialist Eurico Brilhante Dias.

Newcastle did so knowing that the tax was still under study, but soon opened the door to which the tax would apply to the overall value of the property of a taxpayer that is between 500 thousand and one million euros (always having as reference the taxable value and not the market value).

However, until today, the Government continues without confirm the asset value that will be set. The mere fact that the measure had been announced before completion and without being known to the contours of the exact number of speculations on the application of the tax. Until today, the Government still has not confirmed which is the value from which it will apply.

Without wanting to talk of other measures that have been announced, and Rocha Andrade insisted that the fiscal strategy must be seen as a whole, because only then if they understand the measures as a whole. "I hear in the last few weeks several dozens of measures that I will be studying… Some are studying, others have already studied and will not have sequence, other had not even heard of. Can’t be a go beginning to confirm all of the tens of news about tax changes", he insisted, ensuring that the budget "will provide a fiscal plan consistent, which will be presented in its coherence to the country and that has to be discussed at the time in which it is presented".

Asked if it is excluded a change in the ranks, the ruling reaffirmed what we already know: that the surcharge on personal income tax will be eliminated in the next year. "This is the movement acquired, and any other movements, once more, let us not anticipate", was justified, although without excluding that "there are other measures at the IRS that contribute to the increase of the progressivity already in this budget." The direction in relation to the IRS, he said, is outlined in the Program of the Government, but he "can’t be all accomplished right at the end of the year 2016".


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