Sunday, September 25, 2016

The municipality of Funchal down to IMI for a minimum rate in 2017 – TVI24

the president of The Municipal Chamber of Funchal, on Wood, announced this Thursday that in 2017 the local authority will apply the minimum rate of the Property Tax (IMI), reducing to 0.30 per cent.

“in Relation to the IMI, since 2013, and in the aftermath of the election commitment of this executive, we had the approval of the reduction of the IMI in a phased manner and progressively until the minimum rate to be applied in the year 2017″, said Paul Cafôfo at the end of the meeting, the city council, held this Thursday in the Civic Center of Santa Maria maggiore.

The resolution was approved at the meeting and, for Paul Cafôfo, was fulfilled in this way, “the commitment of application of 0.30% in the rate of the IMI, a reduction to the minimum rate”.

she Explained, further, that the authority will maintain, in 2017, the IMI family.

“We have, also, in the wake of what has happened the past year, the application of the IMI family, that is, for those households that have one, two or three children, we have the reduction in its, which is also a tax relief in the wake of what has been the tax policy of the municipality”, said.

according To the accounts of the mayor, the tax exemption on some taxes amounted to 10 million euros, “which are revenues that go directly in the pockets of the people.”

in Other action Thursday, the municipality of Funchal concerned with municipal regulations, with the amendment of two: the grant municipal leases (a support city to the payment of income) to encompass a larger universe, and the contribution to the medicines.

As to the first, Paul Cafôfo explained that was extended in time that can be granted.

“This support was limited to two years, and we are to extend it for an indefinite time,” he said.

“We are extending not only the scope of this regulation, but also the number of people that are covered," he explained.

As for the support of the medicines, the municipality decided to increase the scope of the measure, by reducing the allowable age and increase the minimum income eligible.

“Initially, support for the drug was intended for retired people, with more than 65 years. What we did, was to lower the age to 55 years of age”, at the same time that “the communion is extended to a per capita income of 628 euros”, noting that “in this way is increased the range of persons covered, in particular those with chronic illness”.


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