Friday, September 23, 2016

Travel agencies compensate customers for a strike of security guards in airports – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

travel agencies and tour operators have decided to compensate customers affected by the strike of workers of the security companies at the airports. The stoppage took place on the 27th of August, in protest against the working conditions.

This “attitude unprecedented” in the tourism sector, will be compensated the customers for the services not used, and a value in the order of half a million euros. Will be issued as discount vouchers, which can be used within a year in agencies where acquired the said services.

In a statement, the Portuguese Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism (APAVT), recalls that “this contrast is not legally chargeable to the tour operators and travel agencies”. However, facing the “devastating effects” and the “magnitude of the problem”, the sector has opted to defend the interests of travellers and the very “credibility of the sector”.

on The 30th of August, the manager airport ANA reported that all 1.195 flights planned for the day of the strike were carried out, although with delays that that would be “one of the sabbaths of the greater traffic of the year.” “Only 3% of passengers not able to board the plane”, has been achieved.


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