Tuesday, October 25, 2016

ANA alert for possible disturbances at the airports on Thursday – the Public.en

The manager of the national airports warned on Tuesday of the passengers for any inconvenience caused by the strike of workers of the security companies, convened for next Thursday.

Due to the strike, "it is anticipated that the processing of passengers in national airports, to suffer constraints on the next Thursday, the 27th day of October," said ANA in a statement sent to newsrooms.

To prevent this kind of situations, the ANA "recommends to passengers that travel on that day to travel to the mentioned airports with advance higher than usual".

“We will follow the recommendation of the ANA,” said official source of the TAP, explaining that the passengers of the carrier will also be advised to submit more cedos in the airports.

The national strike of 24 hours was convened by the trade Union of Workers of Concierge Services, Surveillance, Cleaning, Domestic, and Various Activities (STAD), which demands an update of the collective work contract of the vigilant.

“five years Ago that we are trying to negotiate a collective agreement with the employers and it has been impossible”, says the unionist Rui Tome. Concerned are companies such as Prosegur, Securitas or the Charon, represented by the Association of Security Companies (AES), the PUBLIC also contacted, but did not get responses on time.

Another member of the board of the STAD, Carlos Trinity, revealed to the PUBLIC that it is impossible to anticipate the impact that the strike may have on the Portuguese airports, as the security staff of the airport represents only 1500 of a total of 35 thousand workers in this sector.

in addition, the security guards at airports have been negotiating a contract own labour with that association of the companies. On the 27th of August, a strike of security guards caused delays in shipments. But it is not certain that this situation will repeat this time.

Vítor Mesquita, SITAVA, called for a protest in August, says he does not discard the hypothesis of having security guards to the airport to join the national strike on Thursday, but stated that there are ongoing negotiations with the employers for an agreement that it may enter into force already in 2017. “We are committed” at the conclusion of the negotiations “until the 30th of November,” he explained, adding that the AES “showed availability for more meetings.”

Accusing the SITAVA, "the wrong way, have intended to represent the vigilant airport", Carlos Trindade, of the STAD, says that this is a situation that "leads to the disunity of the sector", and that benefits the bosses.

in Addition to the strike on Thursday the union also called for a concentration near the headquarters of the AES, at Avenida Álvares in Lisbon. The beginning of the merger is planned for the 14.30 and the aim is to follow after, from 16h00, to the Assembly of the Republic, where the protesters intend to deliver a resolution to the deputies.

Revealing that are expected on the buses with protesters from Coimbra, Faro and Évora, among other places, Carlos Trindade said that the STAD is to have “at least 700 to 800 people" in the merger.


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