Saturday, October 29, 2016

BE refuses to “litanies” and want public managers to earn below the prime minister – the Express

The leader of the parliamentary Left Bloc (BE), Pedro Filipe Soares, said this Saturday that the management of CGD is "outside the law". The responsible bloquista ensures that the party does not enter in the "litanies" on the possibility of salaries exceeded ensure greater competence in the management of public positions and asks for "less dedication to the dollar and more dedication to the public cause".

For the party, the majority of the population considers "incomprehensible" the large remunerations paid to managers of public and accuses the PS, PSD and CDS are "out of phase in the country".

In the closing remarks of the conference of parliamentarians of the party, in Vila Real, Pedro Filipe Soares spoke of the law no. 4/83 on the public control of richness of the holders of public offices, and says that just read the law to determine the obligation of all public officials submit a declaration of income in the Constitutional Court.

"The prospect that there is that there are reporting obligations that may not be met by some managers and that there are salaries that do not have limits, it is a perspective that makes a leveling of the law," considers the leader of the parliamentary program. "It undermines the trust of the people in the State and shoots to the streets of bitterness, the requirement that must exist before the performance of public functions," he adds.

The leader of the party recalls that the manager of the GBD António Domingues, began its work on 31 August, you have until tomorrow to submit their declaration of income, assets and participation in social roles. "If you do not, you will have a period of 30 days to remedy this failure," noted the head of the Left Bloc, for whom currently there is a "directors of CGD to the margin of the law."

As had already been stated in relation to this matter by the coordinator of the BE, Catarina Martins, "salary millionaires" do not guarantee a better management and Pedro Filipe Soares gives the example of cases of Zeinal Bava, Henrique Granadeiro, or Ricardo Salgado. "Were not their salaries that have prevented these actions, just as there was none of the salaries of millionaires in the world that prevented the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008, that both cost to the global economy, on jobs, bailouts of banks and resulted in the ruin of the several families," says the leader of the parliamentary Block.

"The Block does not enter in the litany that is, with the payment of money, that we guarantee good managers. It is not devotion to the dollar sign, but the dedication to the public cause that should guide the choice of public managers", argues Pedro Filipe Soares.

The responsible person said that the party will present a proposal on the details of the State Budget. "It will be a proposal that is fair, decent, reasonable and appropriate to end this national shame," says the leader of the bench of the BE.

"we Propose that the salaries of public officials are not higher than the salary of the prime minister," explains Pedro Filipe Soares, and announces the intention of the party to revoke the decree-law that exceciona the administration of the Caixa Geral de Depósitos of the statute of the public manager.

The claims of the Left Block are even more comprehensive, and the party intends that the reporting obligations are even more demanding. "Not only is the delivery on the Constitutional Court, as more information on this statement and the provision of this declaration in the internet site, so that any citizen can have access to this knowledge", claims the person responsible of the BE.


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