Monday, October 31, 2016

Fitch continues to assign to the EDP’s `rating` of investment – RTP

“Today, Fitch Ratings has maintained the rating long-term rating of BBB – and short-term “F3″ of EDP and EDP Finance BV, as well as the “BB” for other instruments representing subordinated debt (`hybrid`)”, it reads in the information to the market, that is the perspective with regard to the evolution of the notation (`outlook`) remains as “stable”.

To the EDP, this reaffirmation of the note reflects its “position of leadership” in Portugal, “a support in the rapid growth of the business of renewable energy and a moderate exposure to market risk”, but also contains “some of the uncertainties coming from Brazil and the transition to the liberalised market in 2017 capacity is currently under long-term contracts in Portugal”.

Fitch said, according to the EDP, the new business plan “confirms the intention of the administration to reduce leverage and preserve a business profile in a great measure regulated and quasi-regulated”.

today, Too, the EDP informed the market that the Norges Bank currently has a qualified holding in your capaital social equivalent, in total, a 2.08%.


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