Saturday, October 29, 2016

Government desresponsabiliza mayors – Observer

The Government includes in the Budget of the State for 2017 to a standard that puts mayors and councillors at a level similar to that of members of the Government, desresponsabilizando-the financial decisions that have caused acts of financial considered illegal, says the Express. A change that is the concern the Court of Auditors.

According to what is in the Budget makes it impossible for the Court of Auditors to punish the elected representatives for acts involving ill-spent money. The exception goes to the cases in which the decision of the president or the councillor is contrary to the opinion of a lower hierarchy.

according To the same newspaper, the Court of Accounts is "worried" about the new standard and has requested the president of the Assembly of the Republic, Ferro Rodrigues, to be heard about the changes. The Left Bloc also came forward to Express that the proposal is "regrettable" and "unacceptable" which is working to propose the removal of the standard.

Faced with the question, the office of the deputy minister, Eduardo Cabrita, explains that the standard "do you want to equate the regime applicable to local mayors to the regime in force for the holders of political positions" by giving them "responsibilities identical".


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