Wednesday, October 19, 2016

“Is unpopular, but will not venture mismanagement of the Box” – the Observer

The evening of this Wednesday was to explain the State Budget for 2017 to socialists, but António Costa has not escaped the talk of the day — who had worked around in the afternoon in the Parliament — of the salaries of the new directors of Caixa Geral de Depósitos. The indignation with the wages known two days ago came out of a lady from the audience of socialists and the party leader left the question to the end of the session: "it May be unpopular to maturity, but I will not venture to mismanagement of the Box".

"It’s a shame the salary of the president of Caixa Geral de Depósitos. How is it possible for someone to earn that kind of money?", shot the militant of the party (treated António Costa for the "my buddy") that participated in the conference organized by the Lisbon district of HP, causing manifestations of displeasure in the living room of the Winter Garden of São Luiz Theater, full of socialists. António Costa does not run away to the question, as he did during the day, and — despite the sardonic smile that he did when he heard the word "shame" — argued that the Box "competing in the market as all other banks and has to work in the market as working in other banks. It is not possible that you have an ordained aligned with the salary of the prime minister [as you want to the CFP] and not by the expiration practiced in banking". In fact, Costa said even though the capitalisation of the Box was authorized for the bank would be able to "operate normally in the market and be the great stabilizer of our financial system and give security to all".

the Coast also quipped: "Unfortunately, the salary of the prime minister is inferior to the one practiced in banking". To just the following to add: "If we want a Box well managed, with technical capacity and independence, we must offer to the managers of the Box the same conditions of the managers of the other banks. If not, we have a bench to compete in market conditions inferior."


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