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Jaime Fernandes: the Administration of the RTP considers a “great loss” – Porto Canal

Lisbon, oct 27 (Reuters) – The Board of Directors of RTP, expressed today its “deep sorrow” by the “unexpected deaths” of the provider of the telespetador, Jaime Fernandes, with its president stressing “a great loss”.

Jaime Fernandes, 69, who has served in various positions in RTP and it was since the 2013 provider of the telespetador of public television, died today, according to the source of the RTP.

In a statement, the Board of Directors of RTP, “manifested in his personal name and that of the whole company, its deep regret at the death” unexpected provider telespetador.

“Jaime Fernandes was one of the most distinct voices of the radio and an excellent professional of Radio and Television where he worked for more than fifty years. Throughout a remarkable career he was also the director and administrator of the RTP,” recalls the company’s board of directors.

“his name is also associated to the Antenna 3, that he was the founder, Radio Renaissance, Radio Commercial that was the director and still at the Radio Clube Português”, recalled the administration, highlighting “his unmistakable voice, his creativity and his deep knowledge in particular of the radio, and in particular the musical”, which made “a reference not only to the RTP” and for those who work there, “but for all industry professionals”.

“To his professional ability, Jaime Fernandes got together with a friendliness and ease of conversation that all cativava”, underlined the administration, which was considered to be this “a sad day for this house and for all the professionals of television and radio in Portugal”.

the administration of The RTP presents “sincere condolences to his wife, daughter and all their family and friends.”

“Jaime Fernandes was an excellent provider, attentive, knowledgeable, balanced. And with a life path and professional very rich, in the world of radio, music, communication. And besides, he was always a gentleman,” stressed the president of the Board of Directors, Gonçalo Reis, quoted in the press release, which pointed out to be “a great loss”.

Born in 1947, Jaime Fernandes was a collaborator in the Radio Club of Mozambique between 1968 and 1970 and between 1970 and 1975, he was a journalist, director and vice-president of the Board of Directors of the Radio Club Portuguese.

Before that, between 1963 and 1967, was an actor at children’s theatre and broadcaster on the National Station.

Between 1975 and 1979, he was director of the Radio Diffusion of Portuguese, assuming the position of program director of a Radio Renaissance, as responsible for the reorganization of this station and for the foundation of the FMR/RFM between 1985 and 1986.

In the 80′s, Jaime Fernandes was also the director of programs of the Radio Commercial.

Between 1989 and 1994, he was chairman of the Broadcasting Portuguesa (RDP), being responsible for several functions inherent to the activity of the company, in particular in the area of content and for the technical component.

Jaime Fernandes passed by the directors of TV Guide Publishing and, in 1996, he was director of design at Expo ‘ 98.

Between 2000 and 2001, he was director of the first service programmes (RTP1) of the Radio and Television of Portugal.

Also in 2000, he was the founder of the radios Luna and Voxx.

In 2002 he became director for international programs in the RTP, a position he assumed until 2003, at which time he became executive chairman of Atlantic and is responsible for the management of the then, the Pavilhão Atlântico, in Lisbon, roles that he played until 2007.

That year, Jaime Fernandes assumes the direction of the Center of New Businesses and Projects in the RTP, where he created and developed the project of a tv RTP Music, among others.

Between 2011 and 2013, he was director of international channels (tv) RTP, where he developed projects of updating and reformatting the RTP International and RTP Africa.

a Graduate of the Faculty of Law of Coimbra on the Right of Communication, James Fernandes was the author of the television series “Strange form of life” on the Portuguese popular music, produced in the RTP and issued on RTP1.

Among other activities, was a founder of the Cooperative TSF and the Antenna 3.

he Was still a member of the Advisory Council of the Portuguese and of the Council of the Opinion of the RTP.

Currently, in addition to the ombudsman, it was part of the administration of the Meo/Arena, where I was involved in the organization of the Web Summit.




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