Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lisbon airport to function normally on the day of strike of workers of the security – the Observer

AT 8: 30, the outage was not affecting flights, no cancellations, queues for check-in "are the usual for an early morning ‘ and the 'guichets' customer service of the airlines existing at the airport were virtually empty.

the spokesman of The ANA — Airports of Portugal, Rui Oliveira, told Lusa news agency that the situation in all Portuguese airports "is normal" despite the strike. Said aindaque "the situation is normalized, and there is no provision issues, at least during the first round", which began at 6.00 am and ends at 14h00.

The Workers of the Security Services and Surveillance, which are on strike to overtime and on public holidays since the 22nd and even November 06, claim revision of the collective work contract, consigning the rights in force and other terms specific to the employees providing service at the airports or in the transportation of values, among others.

The increase in salaries and improvement of working conditions are other of the claims in the source of the conflict.

In statements today to Lusa, the trade union leader Carlos Trindade added that the accession to the 24-hour strike of the watchful guards approaches 90 percent in the sub-sector of transport and values, in Lisbon and in Porto.

"The strike began at midnight, but only from the middle of the morning is that it will be possible to fine-tune the membership. Even so, in the transport of values, the strike is approaching the 90 per cent in Oporto and Lisbon, in major companies", said to Lusa, the coordinator of the Union of Workers of Concierge Services, Surveillance, Cleaning and Domestic Activities (STAD).

Carlos Trindade added that "membership on the train, especially in the lines of Cascais and Sintra, as well as in the shopping centers is only going to feel from the middle of the morning."

according To the unionist, "the great impact of the strike will register at 14h30 in the Association of the Security Companies in Lisbon, and the parade to the Assembly of the Republic scheduled for 16 hours".


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