Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Marcelo asks, “too much attention” to the Government on salaries of Box – TVI24

there Are three repairs that Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa in June to the Government and which maintains exactly the same now that you already know how much you’ll win the new president of Caixa Geral de Depósitos (up to 634 thousand euros per year) and their management team.

in This time issued the decree-law that allowed the order of the limits to the wages of the managers of the public bank, recalled how now that the practice of public managers may have salaries above the prime minister has already existed before, but it called attention to several issues that came to highlight, in Braga, to journalists.

The Government should be very attentive to the value set, should meet the result of the management and reminded that the private banks had cut salaries of administrators when they received public funds”.

that is, Marcelo defends, in the first place, that the remuneration must be applied in accordance with the results achieved and those results should be controlled.

Then, the example you gave of the cuts in the salaries of managers carried out by three banks (BPI – which, however, is already increased the remuneration have returned to help, BCP and BES/Novo Banco) when they received public aid serves to illustrate what, in June, was keen to stress: “THE CGD, in addition to being able to receive more public capital, is the debtor of loans to the State, which, in private banks, determined cuts wages of administrators up to 50%”.

“In the fund called attention to the fact that the bank where there is public money there must be this kind of practice,” he noted today. “It is not a reminder. I already said exactly what I think about this matter”, responded to journalists.

Therefore, to Marcelo the warnings still make sense for the Government to listen.

Today, in the Parliament, all the parties to the left of the PS (BE, PCP and PEV) was said to be “unacceptable” salaries of the new management team of the Box.

The President was also asked about the requests on the right for the Executive to a socialist clarify the list of entities over which rulers should not make decisions. On this matter, the head of State nothing I wanted to change too: “I’m Not going to comment on the interview of a secretary of State”.


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