Monday, October 24, 2016

New York state approves law that restricts rentals for Airbnb –

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, signed on Friday (21) a law that restricts the advertisement of rental apartments for periods of less than a month through platforms such as Airbnb, a company against which the state hangs several years of struggle to regulate their operations.

The company, with headquarters in San Francisco, had tried to prevent the approval of the law introducing the various measures of self-regulation on tax payments and even a public record of the people who rent apartments in the state of New York.

Airbnb is for years in conflict with the government of New York city, since the local law does not allow you to rent a property for less than 30 days of stay, a standard adopted in 2010 to combat the proliferation of “hotels illegal” in the ‘Big Apple’.

The new law seeks to comply with the legislation already in force and prohibits to advertise these apartments for rent less than 30 days through platforms like Airbnb, imposing fines of US$ 7.5 billion.

on the other hand, more rental rooms when the owner of the property also remain in the property continues to be permitted for periods of less than 30 days, according to the new law.

Airbnb is valued at$ 30 billion, and the main market of the company in the USA is New York, the city where Ngos and associations that advocate for affordable housing, denounce the high cost of rents.

In April 2014, the office of the Prosecutor of New York has requested for the first time information about the activities of Airbnb after detecting that 64% of the offers of apartments and rooms in the state that appeared on the site could be illegal.

“This is a subject on which we reflect carefully, but, in the last instance, are activities that are expressly prohibited by law,” said the spokesman for Cuomo, Richard Azzorpardi.

The government of the state, Ngos and residents ‘ associations argue that the proliferation of offers on Airbnb does not help to maintain and promote efforts for affordable housing in the city of New York.

The argument is that the site takes you out of the rental market many homeowners who are more profitable for the tourists at prices much higher than if you leased the residents of the city.

After the news, Airbnb announced that it will appeal against the new law, reported the newspaper “The Daily News”, who recalled that in September the company had already warned Cuomo by letter that it would use the Justice if he sancionasse the new rules.

“As is known to occur, Albany (the capital of the state of New York), has benefited from the hidden to the interests of the hospitality industry, ignoring the voices of tens of thousands of new yorkers,” said a spokesman for Airbnb, Peter Schottenfels.


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