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Opening in 2018: Vila Galé invests€ 5M in a hotel in the centre of Elvas – Turisver

Inspired in the Portuguese fortifications, the future hotel Vila Galé Elvas will be the result of the rehabilitation and conversion of the old Convent of São Paulo, in the centre of the alentejo town. The project, presented Friday, still needs approval by the competent authorities, but Jorge Rebelo de Almeida believes that the unit can be operational in 2018.

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Presented Friday, at the time it was signed, in the house of Elvas, the contract for the exploitation of the Convent of São Paulo to install a hotel brand Vila Galé, under the programme REVIVES, the project includes 64 rooms, two restaurants with gastronomic offer differentiated, bar and wine cellar, library, outdoor swimming pool and Winter garden, the spa of the brand Satsanga with indoor swimming pool and a large events hall. Source of inspiration for the new hotel are the Portuguese fortifications scattered around the world. A theme that is not surprising if we take into account that Elvas is a city-quarter, and that its fortifications were classified as a world heritage site in 2012.

according To the Group Vila Gale, hotel de Elvas, which will result in the total rehabilitation of the former Convent of São Paulo, located in the historic centre of the city of the alentejo region, a building of undeniable historical and architectural value but which today is in ruins, will create 25 to 30 jobs.

"we Decided to apply for the recovery of the Convent of St. Paul because we want to contribute to revitalizing this city full of history. It is part of our ambition also be pulled through the interior of the country and by regions consolidated from the tourist point of view, stimulating the settlement of populations, the creation of employment and generation of wealth", explained the president of the board of directors of the Vila Galé group, Jorge Rebelo de Almeida.

The jobs will only start after the approval of the project submitted by the Vila Galé but even so, Jorge Rebelo de Almeida believes that the process will run at a good pace and that the unit can go into operation in 2018.

"In the space of 60 days, we expect to have the projects all ready, then the process will be carried forward to the official bodies that I think I will run fast to approve the project," said Jorge Rebelo de Almeida on the sidelines of the signing of the contract. This is because, she stressed, "when there is good will of the entities all, things happen and are easy". On approval of the project, the president of the Board of Directors of the Vila Galé has many doubts: "I am convinced that you will find beautiful what we will do", it stated further that after the process of review and approval by the official bodies, "we have 15 months to do the work."

Budget for the work, said, "it is difficult, these works are always very difficult to evaluate because they can have many surprises, either in terms of the resistance of the structure, whether the building", although it said that "the budget for the hotel is of the order of 5 million euros".

the rehabilitation of The former Convent will be a major work, but Jorge Rebelo de Almeida is rested: "At the Vila Gale we already have the experience of what it is to rehabilitate buildings in ruins to birth hotels," he said, recalling the project that the Group undertook in Rio de Janeiro.

In statements to reporters on the sidelines of the event, Jorge Rebelo de Almeida has made it clear that "we have a desire to do more things in the Alentejo" and proceeded even though "we walk on eye on the Alter". Although stating there is nothing in particular, the president of the Vila Galé group has always been saying that, next to the Alter, it will be with a project "in the area of equestrian tourism, an area in which we believe that it is worth us focusing on".

Built between the XVII and XVIII centuries, the monastery of St. Paul, in Elvas, it was not only use religion because that is, after the end of the religious orders, this property served as a Military Court until 2004, after which it would be voted on at the abandonment.


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