Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Plan debt settlement can put the deficit below 2.4% – Express

The revenue of the plan of settlement of debts to Tax authorities and Social Security that come in the coffers of the State this year will allow the deficit to stay below the target of 2.4%. The revelation was made this afternoon by the secretary of State for Tax Affairs in Parliament, where the stages of a hearing, with Mário Centeno and his team of Finance, Commission for Budget, Finance, and Administrative Modernization.

Rocha Andrade reported that the plan – known by the acronym PERES – you may bring additional revenue this year, but this amount is not required for the achievement of the target budget. The Government’s plan to achieve the goal this year, as it was sent on Monday to Brussels in the document Effective Action Report, passes by cativações expense in the amount of € 445 million.

Any revenue from the PERES achieved this year will be a fitting additional that may bring the deficit below the limit of 2.4% of GDP. "As there is a payment plan by instalments, what is expected is an improvement of the charge voluntary in future years and not any extraordinary revenue this year, which is there but is not counted for the purpose of target budget," said Rocha Andrade.


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