Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Portugal tests market after warnings from Brussels about OE2017 – TVI24

Portugal returns to the markets on Wednesday, with the first test on emissions of long-term debt after you have displayed the Budget of the State for 2017 and, also, a day after they have sounded warnings of Brussels about “a risk of significant deviation” in the targets for 2017 and, still, the “discrepancies” in the document. And is in the auctions of long-term debt that best perceives the image of a country, before investors.

last week, the 19 of October, the State secured financing of 1,250 million in treasury bills. The interest rose.

Today, the auction of Treasury Bonds have a maturity of five years and the Agency and the Management of Treasury and Public Debt (IGCP) expected to raise between 750 million and 1,000 million euros.

For this last quarter of the year, it is planned the realization of “one to two auctions of Treasury Bonds”, hoping to put between 750 million and 1,000 million euros for the auction.

In the last auction of Treasury Bonds buyable to five years, which occurred on 31 August, the IGCP placed 450 million euros at an interest rate of 1.87 per cent.

on This day, the IGCP was held also an auction of the 10 years, having managed to raise 550 million euros, at a rate of 3.02%.

Between the two auctions, which had an indicative amount of between 750 million and 1,000 million euros, the IGCP has managed to achieve the goal.


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