Sunday, October 23, 2016

Press review “Autoeuropa will hire 1,500 workers for the new model” – Business – The Ball

“I was Not born a fan of the FC Porto…” – Mourinho – Manchester United’s manager assured that will give everything to make his mark at Old Trafford and get into the history of the club. “it Is success that creates empathy between the fans and the coaches. I have three years of contract with Manchester United and, if at the end of that period, not winning a single title will tell you that they don’t feel anything special about me,” he said in a press conference, recalling how he managed to create ties in the fans of the previous club, Chelsea: – Chelsea won four Premier Leagues in their history. Three were with me, another was with a team that I left behind. I took the club to the end, therefore, there is a connection (with fans) based on empathy, but built on top of successes. in Spite of thi s connection to the people of Chelsea, which was not lost with the bad results that have led to the departure of the club, Mourinho has ensured that will give everything to win, Sunday, on his return to Stamford Bridge, now coach of Manchester United. “I Loved all the clubs where I worked. I have a heart professional that leaves me connected to the club 100 per cent. When I was in Portugal, was not born a fan of FC Porto but I gave my life for the club. I also gave my life for Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Chelsea. Now, my life is the United. My professional nature is like that. I am 100 per cent in the club”, kick.


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