Sunday, October 23, 2016

Telecommunications giant AT&T’s purchase of Time Warner – the guardian

Source the bank close to the process told the news agency AFP that the agreement of merger between the two companies should completely change the scenario of the media in the north american.

The final amount will depend on the price to be determined by both parties, between 105 to 110 dollars for every title of Time Warner, said the same source.

“marriage” should be officially announced at the latest before the opening of the american financial markets on Monday, but it is not excluded that to happen this night.

This merger must be examined by the competition authorities because the new entity will be worth more than 300 billion euros on the stock exchange, with the activities through the telecommunications, media, cable and internet.

AT&T, a provider of access to paid channels and one of the major operators of telecommunications american, was evaluated in 230,6 billion dollars on Friday night by the New York stock exchange, while Time Warner was worth 69.9 thousand million dollars.

This is the largest merger between a provider of access to paid channels and a content provider since the purchase in 2011 of NBC Universal by Comcast.


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