Saturday, October 29, 2016

The “fever” of the Web Summit – Express

The largest technology market in Europe is causing an exponential growth of posts on the part of internet users. According to the study conducted by E. Life – company market intelligence and relationship management in social networks, which is monitoring the impact that the initiative is achievement of the digital universe – from 27 September until 24 October, it has registered more than 26 thousand publications about the event. In the Face of the final analysis, which had been accounted for, from 27 September to 11 October, about 11,000 posts, it appears that the buzz in social networks has more than doubled in just 15 days.

On Twitter and Instagram, the term "meet" is the most mentioned by users, with approximately 13 thousand references, followed by "Web Summit", with more than 8,000 references. "The publications continue to assume mostly a positive connotation, being conducted in multiple languages", analyzes the E. Life.

"#WebSummit2016 : 15 #start-up sélectionnées pour être présentes sur le #PavillonFrance #BusinessFrance", "Here we come – Lisbon – #Websummit2016. Looking forward to hearing @AnastasiaAshley speak" or "@IPNunes: Wizdee among the 32 startups in the running for a prize in the PITCH of the Web Summit. #accelerator #websummit2016" are some of the comments that demonstrate the enthusiasm of internet users in relation to the event.

Already on the Facebook, considering only the official channel of the event at the global level, "Lisbon" remains the term that takes on greater prominence. "Very happy to be in Lisbon!", “Looking forward to the Web Summit! Lisbon 2016! Chonchol Gupta", "Anxious! Lisbon is ready," or, "I can help in one of those Marketing Pub Crawls and show Lisbon to everyone who its keen to join" are some of the posts identified by E. Life.

In the analysis of the three social networks, one of the top hashtags is #websummit with over 17 thousand references, followed by #startups with more than 12 thousand and #lisbon with about 11,500 citations.

it is recalled that there are already more than 50 thousand participants confirmed. And according to a survey of the Association of Hoteliers of Portugal (AHP), held in September, the hotels of Lisbon provide for the days of the conference, based on bookings already made, to reach an average occupation of 85% and daily to 163 euros, the double of the average price in November last year (73 euros).

French, british, Portuguese and Spanish lead, in this order, the booking of hotels for the event.

altogether, there are 164 countries that will mark a presence at the event, the largest contingent comes from the United Kingdom, followed by Germany, Ireland and the United States.

it is Estimated that the immediate economic impact of the Web Summit, including hotels, taxis and restaurants, to reach 200 million euros.


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