Sunday, October 23, 2016

The fire threatened several homes in the centre of Guimarães – the Journal News

Delfim Machado

A house burned down completely in the wake of a fire of large dimensions that set off this Sunday in a historic street of Guimarães. The fire came on the stage of the aftermath at about 20.30 hours.

The fire that broke out early Sunday in a home near the historical centre of Guimarães has entered in phase of the aftermath, close to the 20.40 hours, about an hour after you have been given as dominated.

The fire flared up, this Sunday, by 18.30 hours, on Liberty street, in the parish of São Sebastião , in the historic centre of Guimarães. At 20 hours, the flames were considered to be dominated. An hour later, the fire entered the stage of the aftermath.

this was a “combat ” muscled”, which allowed the fire does not spread to the neighboring homes and there were no people or other houses at risk, said the commander of the Fire brigade of Guimarães, Bento Marques, recognizing that the scenario found was “complicated” due to the fact of the buildings having “lots of wood”, that is, the “material considered to be flammable”.

the president of The Chamber, Domingos Bragança, and the councillor for Civil Protection, Amadeu Portilha, they moved to the site.

The housing hit by the flames, large and located in the parish of São Sebastião, which is currently in reconstruction, for the installation of a hostel, informed the president of the municipality, Domingos Bragança.

Want the responsible of the fire brigade, either for the municipality, stated that no requests for re-housing.

“The neighboring houses have conditions of habitability. The camera also did an analysis and there is no need to rehome anyone,” said Bento Marques.

The two houses that flank the property affected are inhabited, but are not at risk, added the mayor.

The authorities mobilized 68 men and 14 vehicles of the Fire department of Guimarães, Vizela and Taipas (district of Braga).


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