Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The PCP and the BE want more in pension and receipts green – Express

The increase of ten euros in all the pension continues to be advocated by the CFP. "Not devaluing the scope of the measure, we will continue to debatermo with the increase of 10 euros for all the pensions so there are no situations of injustice," said the deputy communist Diana Ferreira on Wednesday, during the hearing of the minister of Labour and Social Security, Vieira da Silva, in Parliament.

About the scope of the measure update of the pension proposal in the State Budget for 2017, the chamber stresses that are 85% of the pension, a fact advanced by the minister in his initial intervention during this hearing, in the framework of the Budget committee and the Working committee.

The deputy, the communist Diana Ferreira stresses that, “for the first time in seven years, we are discussing real increase in pension”. However, it highlights relevant question “under what conditions is going to be done this increase”. “The increase would be for all pensions, if he were to accept the proposal of the CFP.” There would be thus, argues, “the development of the lowest, but also of the careers”.

THE CFP recognizes that the budget presents "limitations", but points out the "positive measures", including "measures that relied on the contribution of the PCP", namely the thawing of the IAS (Social Support Index), which is reflected in the update of the value of various social benefits.

the changes to The family allowance was another of the measures highlighted as positive. According to the data shown in this Wednesday by the minister Vieira da Silva, the social investment with the family allowance will have an increase of 41.6 million euros in 2017, reaching 695 million euros (a rise of 6.4% in relation to the forecast run in 2016).

Already the Left Bloc confirms its position in relation to pensions. “The Block is proud to be part of a majority that was able to make this increase and the structural change that is for the future,” said the member of parliament José Soeiro, stressing that “the commitment of recovery of the income is the cement that unites the majority”.

The other issue that is important to the Block, says the deputy, is the fight against precariousness. And in this sense, also the PCP underlines the importance of looking for self-employed workers and for the revision of the scheme of contributions.

“we distinguish between the false green receipts and the self-employed”, declared the member of parliament, communist Rita Mouse. “We understand that the review of the scheme of contributions to Social Security must ensure that the solution you found to be the most advantageous to all independent workers. The review should reflect on the real income of the workers.”

The minister Vieira da Silva acknowledges that this is a difficult area. “The social protection of independent workers is a situation very far removed from the rules to the generality of the employed. There are two tasks. One is to try to eliminate the false green receipts. And another is to ensure three things for these workers: that the contribution effort is acceptable, that future protection is robust and that the system does not contribute negatively to the sustainability of social security”, explains the minister. “For all these workers on the lower level looks interesting, but is unprotect them in the future. Is to put a generation in the minimum pension.”

the secretary of State for Social Security, Claudia Joachim, says she is concerned a “structural change”, difficult to implement but it is expected that in the coming months is completed. “It is a change very great that allows self-employed workers pay their contributions, taking into account the income relevant much more recent,” he said, adding that the “concern” is to “safeguard” that the workers would not end up being penalized in the future.


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