Saturday, February 4, 2017

Capital increase of BCP: demand exceeds supply – TVI24

Nuno Amado. Reuters/Miguel A. Lopes

The capital increase of BCP, up to 1.332 million euros, was fully subscribed, announced the institution led by Nuno Amado, the Commission of the Market of Values Furniture (CMVM).

demand for the shares of the BCP, in the period of the capital increase, outstripped supply. In a statement, the bank said: “the total demand registered in this capital increase amounted to about eur 122.9% of the offer amount”.

Added the same, that “the process of apportionment between all the subscribers, who have expressed interest in subscribing a number of shares greater than that to which they would be proportionally entitled to, gave place to successive iterations”.

The subscription price of the shares, in the context of the capital increase, had been set on 0,094 euros for each title.

The financial settlement of the shares subscribed in the exercise of the subscription rights occurs on the date [this Friday] and the financial settlement of the shares allocated in the allotment is expected to occur on 7 February 2017, has made even the institution.

THE BCP has also announced that it asked the Euronext Lisbon – Sociedade Gestora de mercados Regulamentados, the admission of all of the shares, object of the present increase of capital, to trading on the market, it is expected that the same happens as soon as possible after the commercial registration of the capital increase, in particular, on the 9 day of February 2017, or on the approximate date.


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