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Alberto Bridge at RTP 2015 – Morning Post

Alberto Bridge at RTP 2015 – Morning Post

 Photo Manuel de Almeida / Lusa

President of RTP says purchase of Champions League games was editorial decision

21/12/2014 18:07

Alberto Bridge at RTP 2015

President of the public company contested this week the proposal for dismissal made by the General Council Independent, but the decision is made.

 By Teresa Oliveira

Although the proposed removal of the administration of RTP, taken by Independent General Council (CGI), dating from December 3, Alberto da Ponte should start in 2015 even as president of RTP and its replacement in office can be a lengthy process.

Under the Act, the RTP administration had until last Thursday to contest the reasons given for his dismissal by the CGI. This is because, you know CM , the authority sent, on December 4, letter to the administration of the RTP, to account for the decision of the body chaired by Mr Feijo after this stopping the strategic plan of the board of Alberto administration Bridge. The CGI also accused of disloyalty to the RTP administration for failing to inform the purchase of the rights of the Champions League, which implies costs of around 15 million euros. Despite the CGI reaction, the president of RTP assured it would continue to “fulfill its mandate” and claimed that the purchase was an editorial decision.

Now, Alberto da Ponte “waits for the Government review and consider all the facts and arguments” and “scheduling a meeting following the willingness of the Government itself”, said yesterday the board. Something that should not avoid removal, since the decision of the CGI is binding. However, the government will still have to call the company’s General Assembly to formalize the dismissal. But with the festive season at the door, it would appear that only next year the manager leaves the RTP.

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