Thursday, February 9, 2017

Integration depends on the request of the precarious and excludes some careers – Public.en

the Process of integration of precarious will be the position of Vieira da Silva, minister of Labour

the identification of The poor that must be integrated in the frames of the State will depend on an express request on the part of workers that their situation be examined, and let out special careers that have schemes own binding. The indication was left on Thursday by the minister of Labour and Social Security, Vieira da Silva, at the end of the Council of Ministers approved the programme for extraordinary regularisation of the links in precarious jobs in the Public Administration that will be in effect until the end of 2018.

The program, explained Vieira da Silva, "is intended to cover all cases concerning the jobs – not covering the careers of the special regime which have their own binding rules – respond to the permanent needs of services of the central administration of direct and indirect, including state-owned enterprises".

Asked about the careers that are left out – and that may include doctors, teachers (who already have an ongoing process of regularisation), or the military – the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, responsible for driving the process, do not respond in a timely fashion. Out are also the local authorities.

Until the end of March, will be formed committees in each of the ministries, where they will be representatives of the ministries of Labour and Finance, of guardianship and of the trade unions. These are structures that will analyze, netre March and October, if workers meet the requirements to be able to access the program.

However, this assessment is not automatic and will be made upon the request of the workers. At the end of the Council of Ministers, Vieira da Silva explained that "the transformation of the link must from the will of the worker". "We can’t do a transformation of the type on its own motion without that it is a requirement", it stated, pointing out that in some cases, while admitting that they may be few, there may be people that want to maintain a link to the temporary.

Although the program has been approved today, details will only be presented to the Assembly of the Republic at the end of the first quarter. "The legal issues and procedural will be presented at that time," said the PUBLIC official source of the Ministry of Labor.

Until October, Vieira da Silva hopes that the work on the ground, and the legislature is finished, "and from thence, between 2017 and 2018, all of the situations identified as likely to [be integrated]" will be covered.

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Although the report submitted last week point to the existence of 116 thousand links to temporary State (89.400 in the central administration and the remaining in place), does not identify the workers in illegal situation.

The work of the various committees passes, which is precisely why identify who is to perform the functions of the permanent without contractual link suitable. Only then will it be possible to have notion of the universe of people to cover with oprograma and of the integration model. "For each case the shape of the legal form of the integration will be different," said official source of the Ministry of Labor.

"today There are several situations in the Public Administration. For example, a stand of permanent job that is to be occupied by a worker in the green receipt; a work station permanently occupied by several workers (sample of Contract Employment-Insertion) or even permanent jobs that are to be occupied in the regime of outsourcing," added the same source.


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