Thursday, February 9, 2017

Vila do Bispo is the thirteenth local authority more transparent in the country | 09 Feb 2017 10:18 – South Region

according To the data presented by the non-governmental organization TIAC – Transparency and Integrity, Civic Association, the Municipality of Vila do Bispo is on the 13.Th place in the ranking of the 308 municipalities more transparent the country, whose score for the year 2016, puts the Village of the Bishop as the local authority more transparent to the south of the Tagus, and the tenth third most transparent in the country.

The results were known yesterday, February 8, in a ceremony that took place at the University of Aveiro, which can be consulted via the following link:

Before this result, the city council welcomes the position of the conquered, a time that reflects the goals of the current Executive led by the president Adelino Soares, and that is based mainly on the effort to implement a municipal management that is rigorous and transparent, the that allows you a greater knowledge of the activity the city council.

it is recalled that, in 2015, Vila do Bispo won the tenth place at the national level by getting a score of 81,32 % in ITM and that in 2016 I’ve got the 13th place, with a score of 92,86 % in the ITM, however, despite getting a lower position in the ranking at the national level, has released more information to citizens than in the previous year (+11,54 %).

In the indicators Relationship with the Company, Transparency in Economic, Financial and Transparency in the area of Urbanism, the city council is satisfied with the results, once obtained 100% of the rating assigned to these indicators in Transparency Index Municipal.

it should be noted that the ITM measures the degree of transparency of Municipal councils through a review of information available to citizens on the web pages of municipalities, whose method consists of 76 indicators grouped in seven dimensions, namely: 1) Information about the Organization, Social Composition and Functioning of the Municipality; 2) Plans and Reports; 3) Taxes, Fees, Tariffs, Prices, and Regulations; 4) Relationship with the Company; 5) Public Procurement; 6) Transparency of Economic-Financial; 7) Transparency in the area of town Planning.

it should be noted finally that, the TIAC, is a non-governmental organization, which has as its mission to combat corruption, assessing the degree of transparency of each municipality, where for the purpose shall undertake a review of information available to citizens on the websites of the municipalities. The TIAC is the representative in Portugal of the global network of anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International.




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