Wednesday, February 8, 2017

BCP, CTT and Galp give fall to Lisbon in contraciclo with Europe – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

The Portuguese square closed this Tuesday, 7 February, falling for the second session in a row, penalized by the strong inclination of the BCP and in contraciclo with gains in most pairs european, driven by results listed in the technology area and food and in spite of the fears with the political situation in France.

THE PSI-20 ended the fall 0,74% 4.563,21 points, with 10 titles in positive ground, seven wins and a unchanged.

The bank, led by Nuno Amado, a two-day start to negotiate the new shares resulting from the capital increase of 1,332 million euros, led losses, sinking 9,46% 0,157 euros and the fix of the gains of the last two sessions, in part driven by strong demand in the capital increase.

In the opposite direction, and on the day that ends the public offer of acquisition (OPA) launched by the Catalan’s CaixaBank, the securities of the BPI finished the win 1,63% to 1,124 euros, down from 1,134 euros per share offered by the buyer. This Tuesday the biggest shareholder of the Portuguese, the group Violas, announced that it sold most of its stake of 2,681%, and maintain a position residual. Tomorrow are known the results of the tender offer.

A mixed trend in Lisbon when the feeling among the european titles of the financial sector was of falls, generalized, precipitated by the loss of more than 4% of BNP Paribas after the French bank have shown results worse than expected by analysts, and having presented a restructuring plan.

To constrain to square the Portuguese were still the indents of the CTT – fell 1.6% to 4,92 euros, a new record low closing – after yesterday if you know that Blackrock has reduced its presence in the capital of the company, postal and in recent days the company has revised downwards the evolution of the EBITDA for 2016.

Also weighing on the negative side were the securities of the Company (assigned to 1.19% for 13,67€), on the day that oil prices fall more than 1% in international markets and in which it was learned that the Portuguese energy began seismic studies with us-based Kosmos Energy to look for oil at four blocks in Sao Tome and Principe.

from The side of the gains highlighted the Pharol, which ended the win 6,19% 0,309 euros, more than a year, reflecting the evolution of the Oi in the stock of brazilian – that is a shareholder of reference, and the sum value by the ninth session on the expectation of a positive outcome to the process of judicial recovery in progress in the carrier.

The Navigator, this Thursday presents annual results, ended the win and 1.44% for the 3,462 euros. CaixaBI anticipates a break of 13.8% in the profits of the paper in the last quarter of last year.

Madrid and Paris to negotiate in the fall, with the square the French to be influenced by the setbacks of the BNP Paribas and the uncertainty around the outcome of the April elections, in which the leader of the extreme-right Marine Le Pen’s anti-euro and anti-European Union, continued to be ahead in the polls and with the reassurance of François Fillon in the election race, after suspicions of favouritism of family members.


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