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Auto declaration of the IRS still does not apply this year to those who have children – the Public.en

The Auto Declaration to the IRS that the Finances are going to implement this year the trial will not cover all taxpayers, but only the tax situations more simple. Those who have children, for example, is not yet covered by this simplification measure in 2017.

To clarify this and other questions about the submission of declarations on the income of 2016, the internal revenue service has prepared a guide published on the Portal of Finance – that systematizes the procedures that taxpayers should be aware of.

The changes were already planned in the State Budget for 2017 and these are the rules that the irs is now remember, by calling attention to one or another detail that may have gone unnoticed by citizens. One of them has to do with the time, which from now on were uniformed. Instead of having two phases of delivery of the IRS, there is only one period of presentation of the declaration, more over, during two months. Regardless of the type of income and the IRS be delivered online or on paper, the delivery takes place from April 1 to May 31.

When you get to this time of the year and the taxpayer enter into the Portal of Finance to complete the declaration, some will find a statement of income interim, already populated. Those who do not meet the conditions, you will comply more steps, filling in all the data normally, as it did up here, even though some of the information already appears pre-populated.

those of you Who have tax situations more simple, you will have the statement completed, ready to confirm. Is released the provisional settlement and the factors that led the irs to calculate the deductions to the collection. And to the taxpayer it is important to consider whether "the interim statement corresponds to your concrete situation tax". If so, the document can be confirmed and, by passing to be legally considered to be a declaration delivered, and the provisional settlement becomes final, and explain the Finances.

for this To happen, taxpayers must meet a series of conditions. From the outset, having only income from dependent employment and pensions. Those who pass receipts-green is out of the auto declaration.

it Is necessary still that the yields have been obtained in Portugal, which the taxpayers are permanent residents and that do not have tax benefits. In the same way, only they will have access to this declaration, taxpayers who do not have dependants, not entitled to deductions of ascendants who live in a common housing. This means that, for now, the statement still is only available for those who do not have children. In the case of a taxpayer to pay maintenance, also will not be able to access the auto declaration, because it requires the tax situation is more complex.

those Who do not comply with the requirements and, for this reason, it is not covered by the declaration on automatic, delivery the IRS as up here was, or is, fills in the information on the Portal of Finance normally.

If a person or a couple is covered by the declaration automatic, but check that the information is not entirely correct, does not accept that the treasury has suggested, and delivery the statement "in general terms". Stresses the Ministry of Finance to the PUBLIC that, in this case, should "submit, within the legal term, to the income statement in the usual terms”.

in This first phase, the auto declaration "includes taxpayers whose completing of statement of Model 3 is more linear," confirms Ana Cristina Silva, consultant of the Order of Accountants Certificates (OCC). The estimate of the Government is that it will reach, "potentially", approximately two million taxpayers, said the Ministry of Finance.

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in This document, drawn up about the IRS, the irs still reminds what are the deadlines to which the taxpayers are to give attention to in the coming weeks because of the E-Invoice.

To query, confirm or register the bills missing the deadline ends within a few days, on the 15th of February. And another date: between 1 and 15 March, when the start all the invoices that are already recorded, is the period of claim for cases in which there are problems with the invoices that entitle to the deduction for income tax (expense general and family members, and the expenses with the right to deduct a portion of the VAT).

The guide from the IRS on the Portal of Finance may be consulted from here.


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