Saturday, November 5, 2016

António Costa says that talk in the output of the Centeno is a “nonsense ” full” – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

“The ministers are fed up of Mário Centeno, accused of having placed the Government in bad shape to combine with the managers of the non-delivery of the statements of income in the Constitutional Court. The output is pointed to the beginning of 2017, after it closed the budget execution,” says the Sun this Saturday, November 5.

But the prime minister refutes this possibility. “It is a nonsense full that the Finance minister is to quit,” said António Costa on arrival to the National Commission of the PS, in Lisbon, cited by the Public. In addition to Rye, the Sun points out that also the minister of Economy, Manuel Caldeira Cabral, and the secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs, Fernando Rocha Andrade, may leave the Executive in January next.

Already on the possibility advanced by the Express António Domingues and his team can come out of the Box if the Constitutional Court to compel the delivery of the declarations of income and assets, a time that Coast them to ensure that they had no present statements, Costa is not explained if the non-delivery of statements was a condition of the new president of CGD to accept the position, refers to the Public.

The prime minister, “he repeated several times that the administrators of the GBD deliver or not the statement of income and other assets 'with respect' to own. Or, shoots to António Domingues the decision to do so and, if this does not do, must be the Constitutional Court to take the final decision,” writes to that journal.

Asked by journalists about whether the administrators of the CGD have already made know to the Government that is dismissive of their duties if they are forced to deliver declarations of income and assets in the Constitutional Court, António Costa said: “[The administration] did Not know anything about it,” said Lusa.

right after, asked if the Executive officer has given assurances to the directors of CGD that they would not submit claims with the Constitutional Court, António Costa reacted, stating that the Government “what he did was the act approved”. “I have nothing more to add about that matter,” he said, quoted by the agency.

Only a requirement of the Constitutional Court can compel the managers of CGD to hand over the declarations of income and assets. “But, before this imposition, there are administrators that threaten to knock with the door,” knows the Business.

Remember that even if you come to prove that the team António Domingues is obliged to send the statements to the Constitutional Court – such as Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa came to defend the law allows the TC to save the secrecy of the information contained in the declarations of heritage. This is the political solution that is on the table.

If the TC decides to prevent the dissemination of the heritage of the managers, shall determine the terms and deadlines of this decision, such as the Business explained in the edition of Friday, until may coincide with the intentions of the leader of the Box – keep the secret until the end of the mandate.

On the 23rd of October, in your regular commentary in the SIC on Sunday, the political commentator Marques Mendes questioned the Government about this regime of privilege in the CGD, which allows the new administrators have been relieved of the obligations of the scrutiny that they are subject to all other public managers, in particular the delivery of the statement of income in the Constitutional Court, the delivery of the statement on incompatibilities and impediments in the office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic and the delivery of a statement on equity holding in any company and must be sent to the General Inspectorate of Finance.

To Marques Mendes, of the fact that the managers of the Box are no longer obliged to hand over your income statement to the Constitutional Court, “it is grievous”. That same Sunday, the militant of the PARTY admitted that it had been “a lapse” and asked that, in this case, it was “fixed”.

The next day, the Ministry of Finance responded to the State counsel, saying that the end of the obligation of delivery of the statement of income “was not lapse. The scrutiny is already done”. The Box “is subject to a set of rules more profound, as are all banks. (…) The leadership of the GBD accountable to the shareholder and to the internal control bodies. They are thus available to disclose such information to the shareholder, ‘ he said at that time official source from the office of Mário Centeno to the Business.

Marques Mendes responded: “last Sunday he admitted that it was a lapse. At this point, I’m sure that was not only a lapse, as it has also a certain perversity. (…) The decision of the Government is incorrectíssima”.

The position of Finance makes it clear that the decision was deliberate, and allows you consider that the Government has no intention of re-enforce that obligation. “The idea is to CGD to be treated as any other bank. This was the reason for that was removed from the Statute of the Public Manager. Is subject to a set of rules more profound, as are all banks. It makes no sense to be subject to two things”, explained the tutelage.


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