Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Centeno try today to call Brussels the “reason” – TVI24

The minister of Finance will try to call the European Parliament to the reason, this Tuesday, regarding the process of penalties to Portugal. Mário Centeno will, as himself said in October, expose the reasons of the Portuguese Government” against the possible blocking of eu funds due to the excessive deficit between 2013 and 2015.

In the framework of the “structured dialogue” requested by the European Parliament to the European Commission before the executive community to formalize a proposal on the possible suspension of european structural and investment funds in Portugal and Spain, due to the procedures for excessive deficit, Centeno and his Spanish counterpart, Luis de Guindos, will attend before the parliamentary committees of Economic Affairs and Regional Development, at a hearing requested by meps.

according to the schedule of the work, Luis de Guindos — re-appointed as the minister responsible for Finance in the Government of Mariano Rajoy — will be the first in a “dialogue” with meps. the Mário Centeno will speak between 18:00 and 19:00 local (less than one hour in Lisbon) on the Portuguese case.

How much was present at the October meeting of the Eurogroup, Centeno realized that he was going to the European Parliament to “provide the reasons of the Portuguese Government”. Will happen now and in the past month, the minister soon became confident that, just as in July, when the european Commission has to propose the suspension of the fines, Portugal will be able to show its european partners that it is in the trajectory right and will honor its commitments, thus avoiding a partial suspension of funds.

The so-called “structured dialogue” on the possible suspension of funds to Spain and Portugal began more than a month ago, the 3 of October. Most of the meps involved in the debate argued that the suspension of funds would be “counterproductive, inconsistent with the decision of cancellation of a fine, unfair and would affect the citizens and the most vulnerable regions”. This position was reaffirmed in a resolution on the project of the budget of the EU for 2017, adopted in plenary on 26 October.

On Monday, the european commissioner for Economic Affairs said that the European Commission will issue on the 16th November is your opinion about the State Budget and on the “effective action” of Portugal to avoid the suspension of funds.

Pierre Moscovici reaffirmed the fact that the desire of the Commission is that the proposal to adopt in the sense of to raise that suspension. To do this it is critical to note that there has been “effective action” on the part of the two countries, so that the analysis is “clearly linked to the efforts made during 2016″.


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