Tuesday, November 1, 2016

CFP: OE2017 is not what the country needs but integrates guidance and positive measures – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

The Budget proposal, “not being the one that the country needs” opens up “the possibility, not to waste, to reset and to conquer rights,” said today the secretary-general of the party, Jerónimo de Sousa.

The communist leader was speaking at the party headquarters, in Lisbon, at the end of a meeting of the Central Committee of the PCP, focused on the analysis of the social and political situation of the country, with the OE2017 as a backdrop to the discussion.

The favorable vote of the communists in the vote on the first reading of the Budget aims to put an end to Jerónimo de Sousa, “to allow an intervention in the speciality with the aim of limiting the negative aspects” that the document behaves and apply new advances that are necessary for the improvement of the living conditions of the workers and the Portuguese people”.

“The confirmation of this perspective and the weighting of the set of implication arising in the more general life of the country will depend on the final assessment that the CFP will eventually take on this matter,” continued the leader of the PCP, addressing the final overall vote of the State Budget.

In the specialty, the communists will lead the discussion on matters such as the “increase of ten euros in all pensions, including the lowest”, or the “end of restrictions to the rights and wages of the workers of the public administration”.

THE CFP, said its leader, will also hit by the increase in the number of levels of the IRS, the compliance of the Local Finance law or the fight against precariousness.

“Regardless of the final version of the State Budget for 2017 will reveal, calls attention to what is becoming increasingly obvious: the need for a rupture with the politics of the right that would open the way for a political alternative, patriotic and left”, was Jerónimo de Sousa.

The Budget is discussed in general in parliament on Wednesday and on Thursday and come down once to the specialty for further discussions and possible amendments.

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