Friday, November 4, 2016

Dress to conquer a place among the SUV – the Public.en

By Carla B. Ribeiro

With the segment of the SUV in full expansion, especially between the C segment, for compact family, there is no brand that does not want to take advantage of a little bit of this cake. And Peugeot is no exception.

But, instead of creating an SUV from the ground up, grabbed his 3008 and adapted it to modern times. In Portugal, the aim is to be the number two forward fit sub-segment of the C-SUV over the Qashqai.

the Larger, more lightweight, and ensures the brand the French better than the vehicle it replaces, the 3008, which is based on the modular platform EMP-2, has a front vertical, and with the same grid of blades vertical premiered recently with the 2008 pontifical a compartment long and horizontal. The waist is high and, in addition to the big wheels and a higher ground clearance, the car displays features that do not fear crooked paths of off-road, with ample protections on the lower part of the bumper, in the wheel arches or at the base of the doors. In the back they turn to find the other elements brought on by the 2008: rear lights in LED form three claws.

For the interior, highlights the nobility of the materials used (leather, details in satin chrome, carbon or textile inspiration Home Design), the details of premium (the case of the Hi-Fi system with Premium FOCAL), as well as an environment high-tech, with the i-Cockpit. The instrument panel, usually with the typical dials analog, went on to be a digital display 12.3', configurable, and customizable, from five modes of presentation that can include navigation information, helps to the driving parameters of the motor, on-board computer, dynamic data, etc. Read well, you can even look more and more like noise than information, but the French brand has managed exactly the opposite, being the i-Cockpit is easy to use and read.

In the centre of the dash, there is a touch screen 8' allows you to manage the functions of navigation, air-conditioning, entertainment and phone, being possible to connect the apparatus to the mobile via MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Under the display shows up to six buttons on the piano — called the toggle swiches — that allow direct access to the main functions of that.

Among its many attributes, still stands out for being the first vehicle Peugeot to integrate the i-Cockpit Amplify, which joins the proposed technology an amplifier of the senses: vision, playing with the intensity of the interior lighting and the color of the screens; hearing, with the parameters of the musical environment; the touch, with massage multipoint integrated in the seats; and the sense of smell, with a diffuser of fragrances.

In terms of driving pleasure, the Peugeot ensures that the dynamic qualities of the 3008 were not nipped, they have been improved, by the adoption of the platform EMP2. In addition, it highlights the brand, the connections to the ground have been adapted to each motor. Between these there will be choices for all tastes. Portugal reaches the petrol 1.2 PureTech of 130cv S&S with six-speed manual gearbox (from 30.650€) and the diesel 1.6 BlueHDi and 2.0 BlueHDi: the first one comes with 120cv, which may be equipped with a manual gearbox six relations (since 32.750€) or the automatic transmission EAT6 (from 36.550€); the second, with 150cv and manual box (since 40.550€) or in the GT version with 180cv and EAT6 (from 44.250€).


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