Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Flight short of the world honors their passenger number 1 million – Globo.com

it is Not every day that the pilot of a plane delivery flowers to one of its ebb and flow. But it is also not every day that a line of business meets your passenger number 1 million.

last Monday (31), a captain of the airline Loganair gave a bouquet to user Anne Rendall to celebrate the brand.

The line operates with one plane of the eight places that it takes on average two minutes to go through 2,73 km between Westray and Papa Westray, in the Orkney islands, an archipelago close to the north-east coast of the Scotland.

Under ideal weather conditions, the trip may only last 47 seconds.

The path is recorded in the Book of Records as the shortest in the world.

The flights in this region meet the islands located in the Orkney islands: Eday, Stronsay, Sanday, North Ronaldsay, Westray and Papa Westray.


The Loganair operates on this line since 1967.

“The route is a jewel of our network and is known in the rest of the world,” said the director of the company, Jonathan Hinkles.

“However, beyond the fame, is an essential service to the population of Orkney, since it connects the islands by air”, arescenta.

“Is used by teachers, doctors, police officers and students and helps them in their daily routines.”

Anne Rendall is employed in a bank and uses the service for 25 years – she has been in 10 thousand flights and knows all the pilots who have already worked on the path.

“All were excellent,” said the passenger to the BBC.


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