Friday, November 4, 2016

Lisbon airport provides 30 thousand records in the operation that kicks off on Saturday – the Public.en

The Lisbon Airport expected to reach 30 thousand records of attendees at the Web Summit in the capital, in an operation which runs from Saturday until Tuesday, and for which there was a tent with 36 counters. “We will have about 30 thousand people to do the registration within the airport,” said the deputy director of the Airport Humberto Delgado, Nuno Ferreira, based on the fact that there are already approximately 55 thousand subscribers in the summit technology and on data from the organization of the Web Summit, according to which about 50% to 75% of the records were made soon in Dublin airport in last edition.

those Who arrive by plane to Lisbon will, from Saturday, find a whole signs and information along the route in the airport until you come to the tent of the register, on the outside, next to the entrance of the metro station. Since the room of the baggage reclaim and by the way, the passengers will be alerted by airport employees and by about 170 volunteers from the Web Summit for the need “to make the download [download] app“, and may, for such use “the infrastructure of wi-fi free in the airport.” and with information on the local log, the second explains Nuno Ferreira.

“A record that will transform the digital record made in the app on a physical record that will be a badge [the card],” he said. And all it takes only 55 seconds per person, guarantees the person responsible for the Web Summit for the registration of the participants, Killian Martin, who explains the process and reminds you that in total, between the airport and the FIL, there are 178 log points.

“It’s very, very simple, are only accurate to two things, one is that the participant must have your id to hand – citizen card, passport or driving licence – and the other is to have ready the app on your phone. Then when it arrives, it displays the id and validates the code of the ticket which is then printed”, explains.

And he adds: “The more prepared you are a participant, the more of this you have to hand your id and the app, the faster it will be for everyone. Already the speakers and the international media will have at their disposal their own space for the registration, the Lounge, the Apollo, inside the airport, but in the public area.

“The operation Web Summit starts early at the airport. Will start on Saturday, at noon, that is when the wave and the peak of lunch hour and the flights come from Europe, with many passengers already to sign up at the Web Summit, and ends at midnight Saturday. Then, on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in the period of registration starts at 6am until midnight each of these days,” said Nuno Ferreira.

In relation to matches, Nuno Ferreira says that not being a concern, the airport provides that “are more widely spaced and that some of the participants can take advantage of the city during the end-of-week”, so that is expected to be “also some strengthening of the positions at least until day 14″.

The airport also has already alerted the public transport network, between the metro, Carris (buses and taxis, as well as hotels, the need to “be prepared to give an answer to this extra” passenger. As to the possible use of the airport for private planes, Nuno Ferreira said he had not received any specific requests in the context of the Web Summit, recalling that the entrepreneurs and investors who will be in Lisbon live “in a relaxed environment, have no other way to look at these events” and “come-especially on commercial flights, making a normal route”.

The airport also prepared the initiative Airport Expo, with the municipalities of Lisbon and Óbidos, and the Instituto Pedro Nunes, a “shop window” of 12 startups (companies in the beginning of the activity) that will be from Monday in the area of arrivals and departures, in the latter case, in a space decorated by the grafiter brasieliro Utopia.

“The theme of the graffiti are the great figures and minds who changed the history of the world, such as Isaac Newton, and I’m doing a job between the graffiti, mosaic and tile, a thing typical Portuguese. First, take the pictures, do I paint the background in graffiti, and then use the technique of the mosaic in the facial expression, I’m breaking down the parts and fitting in perfectly”, he described his Utopia.


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