Monday, November 7, 2016

Marcelo about the CGD: “I Said all I wanted to say, well it” – Express

the President of The Republic said this Monday, the purpose of the polemic on the income statements of the administration of the Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD), nobody speaks on your behalf and argued that it was clear on the subject.

“I have since the beginning of the mandate have adopted a position that is: there are no spokespeople for the mine, there are no sources of Belém, the only source of Bethlehem I am I, is the President. And the President, when he understands that you must speak, speak clear, not talking about more or less, do not speak so-so. People can like or not like it, but it says exactly what it means that you should say,” he said.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who spoke during a visit to the neighbourhood of Cova da Moura, Amadora, referred all questions about this controversy to the note released on Friday: “I said everything I wanted to say, point by point, well it, to understand, and I have nothing more to add.”

The President of the Republic visited today the Cova da Moura during two hours, between 12h and 14h, and then went to lunch in the neighborhood.

During this visit, was asked several times about the controversy surrounding the requirement or not of administrators of the GBD deliver declarations of income and assets.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa answered the same way every time: “All you had to say is said so.”

The head of State argued that he did “what was expected that the President of the Republic to do, very clearly”, with the concern of being “exhaustive”, without leaving room for doubt.

“I Have tried to do my mandate in a clear way. Therefore, I do not say things that after you get the commentators to interpret if it is white, if it is black, if it is blue, and green. When I think of what is white is white is black is black, blue is blue, red is red,” he said.

note that released on Friday, on the website of the Presidency, composed of ten points, the President of the Republic considers that “the obligation of the declaration [of income and wealth] binds to the directors of CGD,” and that this is a duty that justifies, in the name of transparency, for those who manage public money.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa argues that the law establishing this obligation, (1983) “has not been repealed or amended” by the recent decree of the Government, by itself enacted, that draws from the administrators of the CGD of the jurisdiction of the Statute of the Public Manager.

The head of State says that this decree-law, published on 28 July, “focused only on the Public Manager Statute” and that “this statute says nothing about the duty of declaration of income and assets to the Constitutional Court”.

However, at the end points of this note, the President of the Republic cautions that “it is incumbent, however, to the Constitutional Court to decide on the issue in question” and adds: “If an interpretation different from that enunciated, were to prevail, the Assembly of the Republic to clarify the legal sense also by legislative measures”.


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