Monday, November 7, 2016

No matter the cost or distance: they could not miss the Web Summit Audience.en

At ten in the morning of this Monday, when the doors of the registration area, and credentials of the FIL, in Parque das Nações, opened for the first time, were already thousands of Portuguese citizens and foreign nationals in the queue. All with the same objective: to get a place in the first Portuguese edition of the fair of technology, investment and entrepreneurship that moves through the world. The PUBLIC spoke with some young people, all under 30 years old, from several countries, which did not look to costs, nor to the miles, because they could not miss the Web Summit.

it Was the case of Mark Davis and Leah MacIsaac. After the records treated, and with the lunch time from the front, the two took the opportunity to give a jump to the shopping centre Vasco da Gama. They are lovers, both designers of products for content from the Internet and mobile phones, and they came from the other side of the Atlantic, more precisely, of Nova Scotia, in Canada. Each paid a thousand euros for your ticket, but admit that they have done so with gusto. "It is a bit pricey, yes, but I think that it is worth coming here to meet people who work in our midst and to live this experience," admitted Mark. "I also came because I love Lisbon, so it was a good excuse to give here a jump. In fact, me and Leah we have been travelling around Europe during October full, so I think that, after the Web Summit, we will continue our trip". Until then, remain in them three more days of activities in your area.

Munich, Germany, arrived Anise as Well Brahim and Grant Bartel, two students of the world of apps and new technologies, they also are founders of a revolutionary application. Already had the tickets, each of 750 euros, purchased for close on a month, and they could hardly wait for the moment to share their invention with other entrepreneurs in the area. "We are developing a platform that enables users to create and analyze strategies of exchanges and calculations of quantity, without the need to have a program prior to this. That is, it is a site, more than one app exclusive to mobile phones," explained Grant. And they came to Lisbon, because the Portuguese capital is the stage of the technologies and of new communication platforms during these days: "it Made sense we know the market, see what other people are doing and how the companies are promoting their products, to learn how to do this in the future," added Anis. At four in the afternoon already had the record officia lly, but confess that it is only going to attend the lectures and other activities Tuesday.

Going a little further to the east, to Poland, to find Natalia Repta, who was accompanied by her husband. He paid 700 euros for the ticket, to be able to keep up, and she came through the company that is part, the Perfect Gym Solutions, but share the excitement for what will come to discover over the four days of the convention. "I wanted to come because I am at the start of a new profession, linked to digital marketing, and I came to try and gain some knowledge here. I hope to receive a wide variety of information, many speakers interesting who will pass by here, and I’d also like to be able to participate in some workshops. Unlike many participants, who wanted to absorb as much as possible of the experience, Natalia enrolled in workshops and specific lectures of marketing, "to achieve the maximum possible lessons". This is her first experience of the Web Summit, but I already knew the concept through friends and acquaintances that were to editions of Dublin, and brou ght in the "great impressions".

Although the majority of young people in the house of 20 years or below had not purchased the tickets you came to the Web Summit, getting them through promotions or assignments of the companies of which they are part, and that suggested sending them to the convention, it was still possible to find those who had paid very high to be able to be present.

it Was the case of Mariana Monteiro and Benedita Bettencourt the story. Are lawyers, as founded there is little time to his own firm and came to the Web Summit in the hope of better know the audience engaged in his profession: the young companies and business that are starting and need support and legal advice. "We think the future is here and we want to know what the concerns of the companies that are born in this sector, of new technologies so we can better understand them and to the people of our age, our entrepreneurs, who also have paid to come here because something good is there-out of here", explained Mariana. Came during the four days, with tickets that cost more than 600 euros each, but are excited by the various activities in which they can participate, "and the network of clients" who may come to know, completed Benedita.


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