Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Web Summit was surfing in Ericeira – Vision

After passing through 28 cities in 23 countries and through more than 12 thousand kilometers, the motor of the Web Summit completed this Saturday, November 5, the last step: the 53 kilometres that separate Lisbon Ericeira.

Although the largest conference in the technological world only start on Monday, day 7, in the Park of the Nations, in what will be its first edition in Lisbon, its founder, Paddy Cosgrave, and the secretary of State for Industry, John Vasconcelos, arrived to Ericeira to start the Surf Summit.

The Surf Summit was an idea the wife Paddy Cosgrave, the model Faye Dinsmore. During this weekend, 200 participants will walk to surf, yoga, paddle boarding and mountain BIKING. Will listen to the surfers, Garrett McNamara, James, Pires, Anastasia Ashley and Andrew Cotton and give a little foot dance in the Hedgehog, which earned the fame of being the "oldest club in Portugal".

And already a group was to the sea, in the waves more calm da Foz do Lizandro, own for initiation into the secrets of the sport, when João Vasconcelos launched the campaign This is Portugal.

Which Berlin, which san Francisco! The Government campaign, aimed at attracting entrepreneurs to our Country, and highlights four advantages that Portugal can offer: the availability of 400 million euros to invest in start-ups in partnership with business angels and risk capital; the tax benefits for investors in the early stages of a company; the more than 80 incubators certified; and broadband in all schools.

In the background, this campaign want to disclose the measures of program Startup in Portugal, launched this year, taking advantage of the balance sheet of the Web Summit.

"we Have to look at the impact of this event in the long term and not just for the immediate impact on the economy, the overnight stays in hotels, in taxi rides, in the restaurants… ",said Paddy Cosgrave, highlighting the effects "in the image of the Country" and in the new generations of entrepreneurs. "We can inspire a new generation?", he asked.

Inspiration or not, what is certain is that the tickets to the Web Summit 2016 is already sold out. The group sold more than 53 thousand entries for the conference (€900 each), twice the amount of the sold in 2015, in Dublin.

This number accumulates with 19 thousand tickets a day for young people between 16 and 23 years. So, in total, the Web Summit in Lisbon will take 72 thousand participants. "It is incredible that we have reached that number just six years after 400 people have been on the first Web Summit in Dublin,” said Paddy Cosgrave, in a statement.

Cos the hotels practically exhausted, the Web Summit is expected to have a direct impact in Lisbon of around 200 million euros. The conference will be held in the Portuguese capital until 2020.


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