Thursday, September 22, 2016

Center 2020 approved over 200 projects for companies in the region – the Public.en

The industries of molds, metalwork and metal tubes in the Central region were the most dynamic display applications – and to see them approved within the framework of the latest package of investments brought to the contest by the Operational Programme (OP) of the Centre’s 2020.

according To the information disclosed by the office of the manager of the OP Center, the industry metal absorbed by 31.7% of the 200 investment projects recently approved for other companies in the region. These 200 projects correspond to an investment of 225 million euros and the support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of 126 million euros.

according To the same source, they are 167 projects of Productive Innovation (108 million euros), 16 Qualified Entrepreneurship and Creative (ten million euros), and 17 Research and Technological Development (eight million euros). In this set of projects, the most dynamic areas correspond to Communities-Municipal (CIM) of Leiria (with 28,4% of the support), Aveiro (with 19.8% of support), the West (with 15.5%) and Coimbra (with 12.9%), which account globally for about 77% of the ERDF approved for the Center by 2020.

The president of the Commission of Coordination and Regional Development Centre (CCDRC), Ana Abrunhosa, believes that the companies of the Centre Region, "are to fulfill their role, and are you to take this opportunity of community support". "The region only grows, and creates jobs if there is investment. In this context, the investment business, especially the one with the profile and innovative differentiator that enables companies to compete in the global market, is absolutely crucial. It is precisely to support this investment that we have the funds community," said the company in a statement.

Since that started the Portugal 2020, the Central region saw approved, 2294 business projects that involve an investment of 1.995 million euros and a share of ERDF 992 million euros. These are support approved both in the scope of the programs Center 2020 as the Compete to 2020, thematic programme facing the business competitiveness and innovation.

This amount is approved only 120.8 million euros that has been effectively transferred to the companies of the region.

This list of 200 approved projects are applications that are already part of the technical guidelines that have been created with the presentation of the mechanism of acceleration of investment, which was made by the Government for about three months: increase any rate repayable grant of ten percentage points on the amount of eligible expenses that were expected for 2017 and following, but which are anticipated for 2016; and further topping up of 7.5% percentage points the support on the amount of the eligible expenditure incurred in 2016, since this exceeds half of the value programmed for 2015 and 2016.

"The awarding of the prizes shall be according to the submission of payment claims on the part of the companies, in limit until 31 December 2016. In this sense, all projects are potentially covered by the mark-up of the incentive," says a source from the Centre for 2020 to the PUBLIC. The same source recalls that on the 15th day of September ended with a warning to Productive Innovation for projects with an expectation of fast execution. "All these projects will access automatically to an increase in incentive," she said. But the number of cases approved has not yet been evaluated, he adds.


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