Friday, September 30, 2016

Government recovers 1.2 million in Social Security – the Observer

The minister of employment, Solidarity and Social Security said this Friday, in Coimbra, that the State has recovered 1.2 million euros of debts to the Social Security of the first list of taxpayers of debtors published by the Government.

The ministry has updated today the list of debtors to the Social Security, which integrates 5.365 new taxpayers, representing a total value in debt of about 414,6 million.

"it is Not easy to assess the amount of debt it recovers, since a lot of people do not have the name in the list because you paid or regularized, but the same 1.2 million euros recovered by the people who have been on the list of the first phase, which may seem small, but it is a value with meaning," said Vieira da Silva.

The ruler spoke in Coimbra, the Praça do Comércio, on the sidelines of the closing of the Festival of Solidarity, promoted by the CNIS-National Confederation of Solidarity Institutions, which this year has led to Calls for Solidarity to go through the entire district from Monday.

according To the information now disclosed by the Ministry of Labour, in a statement, the total of these taxpayers debtors, 2.397 correspond to the contributors of the second stage and 2.968 of the first phase, which were reported a second time.

This list of debtors updated today – making the dissemination of the second phase provided for in the Plan to Combat tax Fraud and tax Evasion Contributory pension and healthcare benefits 2016 – includes legal persons with debts between 10 thousand and 50 thousand euros (second phase), which, having been notified, does not have regularised their situation to pay.

on the other hand, it is also updated the list on debtors of the first stage, natural persons with debts of more than 25 thousand euros, and to legal persons with debts in excess of 50 thousand euros reported for the second time for not having been raised in the course of 1.Th stage, the first notification.

"The first goal is to comply with the law, which from 2013 requires the publication of the list, that was not to be fulfilled, and the State can no longer meet their own" determinations, said the minister of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security.

The second goal is to participate in an effort to combat contributory evasion and the debt to Social Security".

According to Vieira da Silva, the publication of the lists is an "incentive for people to regularizing the debt or to enter into agreement with the Social Security" for their settlement, that can be made through instalments that can go up to 150.

The ruler said that the lists are being updated and that, by the end of the year, the process will be completed with the disclosure of all of the debt that the law provides.


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