Friday, November 4, 2016

Caldeira Cabral: “If it is to speak of the past, and everything but the budget, count me in” – the Express

The minister of Economy, Manuel Caldeira Cabral, stated this on Thursday at the parliament just want to “talk about the budget” and not being able to do “a debate to speak in the past”, in response to criticism of the CDS.

“If you want to make a debate talking about the past and all less of the budget, do not count on me,” said the ruler, who was today in the afternoon in the Assembly of the Republic on the first day of the debate on the generality of the proposal of the State Budget for 2017 (OE2017) and that made the last intervention on the part of the Government.

“I Came here to talk about the budget and was one of the measures in the budget which I have spoken,” he said, adding that, “if the members of the CDS have not had the pleasure to accompany you, it is worth it.”

The ruler was responding to the intervention of the deputy of the CDS Helder Amaral, who argued that the next year’s budget “keeps the tax burden and still increases,” citing, among other examples, the case of the local housing, whose taxation will be exacerbated in the IRS and IRC in 2017.

The deputy Helder Amaral criticized directly the minister of the Economy, stating that “it may be discreet, but could be effective,” and concluding that the ruling “adds nothing to the Portuguese economy”.

In response, Caldeira Cabral, lamented that the CDS has not looked with attention to the budget proposal: “it Is a pity that has not had the time or attention to read the part of the tax, because, if not, you would see that in tourism there is also a reduction of the VAT recovery, which was much applauded by the sector”.

The ruler with the folder of the Economy said the Government will “promote innovation and improved technology in the industry, not accepting the idea that competitiveness is strengthened by the low wages”.

“Only by creating more value through innovation it is possible to be more competitive and this year we are demonstrating that, even with the increase in the minimum wage and the enhancement of salaries and income, it was possible to create more jobs and have more investment of private companies”, he defended.

Stressing that this is “a budget with clear signals to the companies,” the minister of Economy said that the proposal “supports those who invest”, “support to the companies that capitalize on”, “supports companies who invest in innovation”, “facilitates and simplifies life for companies that export or invest in Portugal” and “benefits anyone who invests in and maintains employment in the interior”.

Already at the end of your first intervention, Caldeira Cabral, reiterated the message that several members of the executive have been simply: “no, Not with this budget the country is not worse, is better.”


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