Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The “silent majority” more important may not be that of the disillusioned who support Trump – Express

Since 2012, the Republican Party knew of the importance of attracting the electorate hispanic in this year’s presidential. In an autopsy report written by their own party four years ago, after the massive defeat of the conservatives in the state of California, one of which has the most inhabitants of Latin, and its presidential candidate, analysts of the Grand Old Party (GOP) wrote that "if hispanic americans feel that a candidate or appointed republican doesn’t want it in the United States, will not pay attention to our next sentence. It does not matter what we say about education, jobs or the economy; if hispanics think that we don’t want them, they’re not going to listen to our p olicies."

they could have calhado a candidate worse if the survival of the party is what is in question. With the rhetoric about the wall that he wants to build on the border with Mexico and the way it treats immigrants, in particular mexicans, Donald Trump not only quashed the chances of the Latin community to choose the GOP instead of the democrats as pushed this minority to Hillary Clinton. And after a campaign so fierce, where the lack of popularity of the democrat continues to leave open the possibility (albeit reduced) of Trump to win, may be the Latin to define the final results.

If doubts there were, the results of the voting phase early came to dissipate them. During the period completed on Monday, at least 42 million voters cast their votes at the polls in several of the 50 states and the participation of hispanics soared. Although, by itself, does not serve as indicator of the final results, which will be known by 6 in the morning Wednesday in Lisbon, the votes in advance measure the enthusiasm of certain demographic groups in relation to one or the other candidate. And the most obvious example of the importance of latinos this year is the Nevada.

On Friday, the journalist Jon Ralston anticipated that the counting of votes was confirmed yesterday, when it reported that, in Clark county, which includes the city of Las Vegas, the participation of the hispanic community he was beating all records.It was such a mobilization at the ballot box that, in some parts of the state, the authorities only managed to shut down polling stations two hours after the supposed, so that all who arrived in time to vote could do so. Because of this, and in line with the rhetoric of electoral fraud that has planted in the heads of their supporters, Trump said this Tuesday that will handle that state.

In Florida, a state where the republican candidate can not afford to lose the popular vote if you want to keep open the chance of defeating Clinton, has registered a 75% increase in electoral participation early in 2012, when Obama fought for re-election with republican Mitt Romney. More than a third of these votes floridianos have been filed by people who had never voted, mostly latinos. (The results in this state will begin to be disclosed by 1h in the morning in Lisbon.)

In Orlando, pointed out yesterday the "New York Times", hispanic voters arrived to wait 90 minutes on Saturday in huge queues to be able to vote on Saturday. In Arizona, where they have the double incentive of being able to stopping at the polls to not only Trump as sheriff Joe Arpaio, one of the biggest supporters of the tycoon, the advance vote has registered the double of the participation of Latin in relation to 2012. In North Carolina and Colorado, two of the most important states that swing, the same scenario: in the first votes in advance of latinos increased by 45% and in the second 25%.

If the trend has continued through this Tuesday, the "silent majority" so often cited by the media during the campaign will not have been supporters of Donald Trump unhappy with the lack of prospects and disillusioned with democratic institutions, but hispanics who have been mobilized in record numbers to prevent the election of Trump. Yesterday, on count of the advance vote, the site "Vox" already said that "2016 is the year of the latino" – a swath of the electorate that was growing in the last 20 years, waiting for his moment to shine, which “sleeping giant” that the populist, xenophobic, chosen by the Republican Party came to wake up.

Accounts are made, after all the insults and accusations and lies proven and the low level of this election race, the victory of Clinton may be summarised to the time when Trump went down the stairway to the Trump Tower in Manhattan in June 2015, and classified all mexicans as "rapists and drug dealers" to advertise your application. "Latinos were listening to him", points to the Vox. "The majority of americans did not take Trump seriously in the first months of the campaign, but the two groups have led. One was composed by their fans, to whom Trump represents a break from the 'politically correct’, and of the orthodoxy of neutrality racial to articulate their fears in the face of the cultural changes. The other was composed of latinos, in particular by Latin american immigrants."

The clash of the titans these elections will be, after all, between the latinos and the so-called "silent majority" that supports Trump and that you will not have the state represented in the polls. And judging by the advance vote will be the first to win and contribute, in large measure, to prevent the arrival of the populist to the White House.


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