Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Withdrawals in atm without a card from 2017 – News Journal

The cards atm may have its days numbered, as from the first quarter of 2017 will be able to withdraw money in atms without a card.

In statements to Lusa agency, the director of mark of the SIBS, Mary Antonia Saldanha, explained that in order to use this feature you will need to download the application MB WAY, to associate an atm card, select the key of the lifting and put the security pin. It is then generated a 12 digit code that will be used for the withdrawal of money in one of the 12500 atms existing in the country.

“from The first quarter of 2017 we will have the service available in any atm machine,” said the responsible of the entity that manages the multibanco network, considering the new feature “very simple”.

The idea of withdrawals without card was already thought a long time ago in the SIBS, but it turned out to be implemented first in Poland, in 2015, because the market would dictate this need.

“In Portugal had not yet felt a real need for the service because the Portuguese are accustomed to having an atm on every corner and they always go with the card. Now that the Portuguese put an atm in your phone it is obvious that they want to continue to make withdrawals, but already without a card,” he explained.

After the MB Net, that allows you to make purchases online, the SIB considers that this is “more a revolution” that will meet what is “the new generation of the digital economy”, because the Portuguese “love and adopt very quickly to the new technologies.

“As we continually introduce new services in the atm, the Portuguese are already accustomed to doing things that don’t make nowhere else in the world, such as for example taking permits hunting or fishing in atm”, exemplified.

During the Web Summit, taking place in Lisbon until Thursday, the SIBS has launched the ATM network Express, the “brother” of the atm machine, of orange color, and is targeted to foreign nationals.

“A foreigner to go to an atm has a series of operations that do not need to. We’ve simplified the service that he wants most, which is to raise money. Or ask you if you want to make a withdrawal. Just ask him how much you want to raise,” he explained, estimating that by the end of the year to be installed 25 of these machines.

The Web Summit is a global conference on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship which will run until Thursday, where they waited more than 50 thousand participants from over 165 countries, including more than 20 thousand companies, 7 thousand executive officers and 700 investors.

Among the speakers will be the founders and executive officers of the largest technology companies, as well as important personalities from the areas of sport, fashion and music.


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