Thursday, November 3, 2016

Vieira Monteiro asks for more clarification on the sale of the New Bank – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

António Vieira Monteiro has a doubt about the current process of the sale of the New Bank because it does not know if the specifications is the same that existed in the first international competition, cancelled in September 2015.

“If [the new process] obey different principles [of the first], will require a new specification and a new openness of the process,” said Vieira Monteiro at the press conference of presentation of the results of the first nine months of the year.

The New Bank is, at this time, to be sold. The former secretary of State for Transport, Sérgio Monteiro, leads the process of the disposal of the financial institution, for procurement of the Bank of Por tugal, having started procedures in parallel, which may lead to one of two purposes: either a direct sale to a strategic investor or the dispersion of capital by several investors.

This Friday must be delivered to the binding offers for those who want to even participate in the process.

Not been released publicly, specifications in this process, which started in January, contrary to what happened in the first international contest, launched last December and canceled in September. The Santander participated in this contest but it turned out to be one of the finalists.

at This time, the Santander Totta is assumed as being focused on organic growth but does not rule out acquisitions. It is the position of the bank for several years, including prior to the acquisition of Banif in the scope of the resolution.

it is Certain that in the procedures currently underway for the New Bank, the Santander Totta is not present. Not in direct sales (you know-that you are only four and does not include the Portuguese bank) or in the sale to investors in the market.


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