Thursday, November 3, 2016

. Will expand discounts to more family members of public employees – TVI24

After all, any new discounts that may arise in the. will be applied only to public officials and the family members who come to the system and should not mess with the discounts of those who have already benefits of this health subsystem. Ie, will apply to public officials who want to cash to the., and still do not, and familiar of these. Or more family members who already redeemed. More revenue and sustainability of the system are the word of order for the Government. Already the unions want to negotiate.

The warranty was given by the director-general of the., Carlos Baptista. In an interview in TVI24, at 12:00, the responsible person said that the eventual discounts “will only be applied to new beneficiaries and family members who will sign up and that today can not do it”.

The goal is “to integrate another type of family members of these beneficiaries. As well as employees of public entities [as employees of EPE hospitals, with individual contract of work] that today do not have the right to subscribe” added Carlos Baptista.

Without advance values, Carlos Baptista gives the example: “the Spouses of workers in the private sector, should have this contribution”.

Statements that clarify the many doubts raised by the news of Public, today, that gave account that the relatives of the public officials who want to benefit from the. are going to pay a contribution.

Now, between family members who already benefit from the subsystem are the children of public servants up to the age of 25 years, spouses, but only the unemployed, or without some system of health, and the elderly the office of the children beneficiaries. A mix that is already part of the about 1.2 million people to benefit from the system., the majority being retired (about 400) and officials in the assets (about 400 also).

Also to the TVI, Helena Rodrigues, president of the Union of Quadros Técnicos do Estado (STE) said that “today’s news looks like a not news (…) any thing put on the floor. A hare set the run”.”

Unions are not “approve” without trading

For the trade unions it is unthinkable that any change to the health subsystem of the civil servants., go after being heard by the party interested the most: the workers.

In statements to the TVI, the general secretary of the trade Union of Workers of the Public Administration (SINTAP), José Abraham, again reveal concerns about what may be the future of. and argues that nothing can be done without "a negotiation with those who pay". After all, he says, the project of law, which also transforms the subsystem in the institute, has not yet had a discussion between the Government and the trade unions.

The creation of the institute to the public is irrelevant, what matters is that mode if you open the subsystem to other beneficiaries," says José Abraham.

On the topic of the family, and in spite of the clarifications of the director-general. [later in the conversation with Joseph Abraham] is to know how the contribution will apply, its value, and the universe definitive covered.

Joseph Abraham recalls that in recent years, the State has transferred to the workers, the entire discount to the. – currently a rate of 3.5% for the beneficiaries (civil servants and retirees) and now "still want to pay more".

And Helena Rodrigues recalls that the STE has said that the 3.5% is excessive and, therefore, it is expected that, “if you went to new beneficiaries to the system, the discount may go down to 2.25%” as they have proposed.

THE SINTAP now waiting to be called to negotiate with the ministries of Health and Finance, an expectation that should not be different from that of the remaining trade unions of the Public Function, because, on this subject all submitted proposals.

The secretary-general of the SINTAP says that the "the Government has to be forced to negotiate the transformation with the representatives of the workers".

To Joseph Abraham, there is a way to continue to keep the. in, surplus, "because it has", he says. For this you just have to enable the input to those who today want to and are inhibited to do so.

Joseph Abraham says that if they entered in the system "who wants to enter and is inhibited" and “about 50 thousand employees of EPE hospitals, with individual contract of work" would make the system more 90 million euros per year.

A claim that seems to warn with the bill that will get the discussion, enforce the objectives announced by Carlos Baptista in TVI24.

in addition, says the responsible trade union "the State is not be able to completely switch off from.”. Because what is expected is that State intervention is sent to the monitoring model of governance of the new legal entity that will be created, which also makes no sense for this union.

The solution found by the Government goes against the recommendations of the commission created to study the mutualisation of the.. According to the experts of the commission, chaired by a specialist in Health economics, Pedro Pita Barros, in the way indicated would imply the transformation of the. a legal person of private law, associative, non-profit and public utility administrative.

The experts also suggested that it was open to all public administration workers, including those who have fixed term contracts with duration of more than six months, in a model in which the State does not have financial responsibility but will monitor and review.

Joseph Abraham says the fear that the possibility of more discounts on the part of public officials and of your household will eventually lead more people to leave the system. What, rather, to solve the problem, kill the..


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