Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Grass and the Treasury’s former secretary summoned by parliament on Efisa – LUSA

The former deputy minister of Parliamentary Miguel Relvas and Treasury Secretary of State Affairs Isabel Castelo Branco, PSD / CDS-PP government, will be summoned to parliamentary hearings on the sale process Efisa bank.

the decision to ask to hear those former politicians, requested by the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party, was accompanied favorably by PSD, bE, CDS-PP and PCP, thus generating unanimity in Budget Committee, Finance and Administrative Modernization (COFMA)

At the suggestion of the social Democratic Duarte Pacheco, was also unanimously approved the request of the report on the sale of business Efisa bank -. investment bank however nationalized BPN -. the Unit Monitoring Technique and Monitoring of Public Business Sector (UTAM)

the same parliamentary PSD, despite showing compliance with the initiative of the PS, classified it as a “maneuver” the socialists to “dominate the media space” while taxes are increased and noted that the nationalization of BPN occurred with a PS government in power and that the bank in question (Efisa) was then sold “the best offer” of eight competitors, led by the Pivot SGPS.

the deputy PS John Paul Correia rejected treat yourself to any diversion strategy, because “the requirement is raised when it was learned a few days ago, the Miguel de pretense grass a shareholder of Pivot “.

the socialist parliamentarian stressed that grass, national PSD counselor, has a” long process of connection to Efisa bank, since he was a deputy and was bank consultant and there was also news to report having been a consultant to another company linked to Pivot SGPS, during the sale process. “

” the previous government injected 90 million euros and sold Efisa bank for 38 million euros . The state no longer there 52 million euros, “stated João Paulo Correia, arguing that it must check any suspicion of political favoritism.

Last July, the Parparticipadas announced it had reached agreement to sell the entire share capital Banco Efisa the Pivot SGPS, whose shareholders are “Portuguese and foreign entities.”

Paulino Ascension (BE), Cecilia Meireles (CDS-PP) and Paulo Sá (PCP) followed both requirements, “without any objection, “wishing” all totally clear, “especially suspicious of any” hub between public and private interests “to” distinguish facts from innuendo and the appearance of reality “in order to not remain doubts that the former ruler has taken “decisions which now will benefit.”

After this 20th regular meeting of the 5th parliamentary committee, Miguel Relvas and Elizabeth White Castle will be contacted and invited to attend, should the hearings happen only after the receipt of UTAM report, according to the president of COFMA, also the social democrat Teresa Leal Coelho.

“If everything goes on schedule and people concerned had schedule availability, we hear them in the period following the discussion of the State Budget (OE2016) “, wished Mrs PSD.


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