Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Porto City Hall wants Government to clarify obligations of TAP – publico





He tried to unanimity, but it was not possible. Still, the executive of the Port House passed by a large majority on Tuesday, a proposal scheduled for PSD as it requires the government to “clarify what you mean mean in practice to maintain the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport an airport operation relevant by TAP in the context of strategic options of this airline. ” Only Councilman CDU, Pedro Carvalho, voted against, saying he was unavailable to “whiten” the responsibility of the PSD in the carrier’s privatization process.

The original proposal of the Social Democrats has changed, disappearing requirement for the Government to make “full disclosure of the terms of the 11% of TAP repo”. By replacing this point, the PSD got the consent of the councilors elected by the list of President Rui Moreira and also the PS, but not the Pedro Carvalho, who took a different approach, which just won approval – also voting against the PSD – the point which argued that the executive manifest “its concern about the situation, given the risks arising from the private management of TAP, to the extent that the TAP Group tends to be placed at the service of someone else’s strategy for the development of porto, the northern region and the country. ” The communist failed to persuade the other councilors to approve the defense of “an entirely public TAP”.

Before voting on the proposals, Rui Moreira took the opportunity to make a progress report of the meetings they had in recent weeks, with Prime Minister António Costa and one of the shareholders of TAP, Humberto Pedrosa. But the mayor did not say much. About the meeting with the Prime Minister, Moreira said it was “friendly”, but that the meeting not the “assured”. “What was clear is that the Government has the idea of ​​being able to better control the strategic routes, but I could not understand how going to do,” he said. The clarification of the conversation with Humberto Pedrosa was even less detailed – the mayor said he would meet the “commitment” not to reveal the meeting content, but that it served “to better understand the cancellation reasons of Oporto routes “.

And on this issue, Rui Moreira argued also that the decision of the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC), to restrict the actions of the administration of TAP routine management instruments for a period of three months while clarifying doubts about the company’s sale of business by the government of Pedro Passos Coelho, should prevent changes to routes such as the announced cancellation of short-haul flights from Porto. “The FAA says the routes are a strategic issue of the company, by giving reason to what we say,” he argued.

With the controversy surrounding the TAP to drag on for weeks, Rui Moreira repeated that you will not be silent and, if necessary, will even “talk à moda do Porto”, shooting his remarks with an ironic scenario: “even if a company is 100% private, citizens can express their discomfort. Imagine that left me the lottery and I decided to buy TAP because it is accessible to the winner of the EuroMillions. And I said, now TAP operates from the Port and the lords of Lisbon, if they want to travel, come to Porto, I put here an airlift. Can you imagine what the same people [who now criticize the position of the camera] say? “

SRU with the meeting itself
During the meeting, Rui Moreira yet it urged to provide clarification on the lead of the Court of Auditors to the municipalization of Porto Vivo – Urban Rehabilitation Society (SRU). The mayor maintained the position already expressed by his office that the issue “will be solved”, stating that the camera is “trying, with the Government, to make a change to comfort the Court of Auditors.”

at the councilman of the CDU, who questioned him about why did not immediately terminate the SRU, Rui Moreira explained that do not want to lose the funding of five million euros for five years, agreed with the Government. “We will not throw five million euros out of the door,” he said.




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