Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Municipalities will manage STCP from January 1, 2017 – publico





The Minister of Environment announced Monday that the government has reached an agreement in principle with the authorities so that they start to manage Transport Company Collective of Porto from 1 January 2017. Until then, one working group will define the responsibilities and financing of the company’s service, which will continue to be the state, entity that will ensure, as far, its liabilities. The operating deficits will be paid by the municipalities.

Undone the possibility of a grant from the company private, the Government intends to stay with STCP, but let the hands of municipal strategic and operational management of the operator , a goal in line with the will of the authorities, which led the Metropolitan Area a Technical Unit where they sit only cameras where the company serves, with Porto head. These lead to the meeting of the Metropolitan Council next Friday the list of items that will be part of the working group that will, in ten months, to define the contract between the parties.

The Minister João Pedro Matos Fernandes STCP was at the station in Francs to watch the entrance to the 15 new drivers service. Before that, early in the morning, met with the six municipalities served by the company to set the terms on which will be done the job transfer management of it to “those who are closer to the populations and generate the public highway and may do so in favor of public transport. ” According to the Minister of the Environment, will be signed an inter-administrative contract management, which maintains the property and the operator’s staff in state hands.

The working group that the two parties have formed around to meet on April 20, but the holder of the Transport folder already left some clues as to what is on the table. The liability lies with the state and the operating deficit will be covered by municipalities. “We are to do the right things considered we do not want to spend any problem for the cameras. We will work these two months with the 2015 accounts of the closed STCP and the budget for this year as well, “he said.

Matos Fernandes admits however that there may be some early state support. “Let’s get this bill and certainly draw a good deal for both parties.” Also the president of Gondomar Chamber admitted in statements to reporters after the ceremony, what is in question is a model that points to a decreasing funding State STCP. “From the time the deal is closed, any increase in the network will be supported by local authorities. We will show that we can manage this better than the Central State or private, that has certain type of risks that do not want to run, “said the mayor.

STCP Workers have made opposition to the decentralization of company and see the Government’s proposal as a new concession, not private, but the authorities. The minister assured that staff will be involved in the discussion that will take place in the coming months, and they expect to see what conditions they will be proposed. Either the minister or the local authorities, through the voice of Marco Martins, Gondomar, assured however that their rights will be maintained.

The president of Gondomar Chamber also revealed to reporters that the government has shown openness to one stirred in the entity that manages the Andante pass system, the Complementary grouping of companies TIP – Transportation Intermodal Port, currently owned by Metro, STCP and CP. The authorities claim the extension of Andante operators serving the entire metropolitan area, but for this you will need to move on zoning and eventually in the tariff, “without prejudice to the users,” he said Marco Martins, admitting that changes to the functioning of TIP can happen before the end of the year

the challenge of recovering lost customers

the president of STCP -.. that builds the leadership of Metro Porto – admitted on Monday that the reduction of drivers checked over the last few years has affected the quality of service and a breakdown in supply, felt by customers. Unable to hire new drivers, the carrier cut lines and lost passengers and is facing now the challenge to recover, as the 140 drivers who are being hired are entering service, no easy task, given that the area public transport, it is easy to lose a customer for the individual transport from one day to the other, but not enough to replenish careers and meet schedules to regain their confidence, as remembered a former administrator of the company. For now, 77 drivers started working, and the Environment Minister admitted that the admissions process can finish at the end of the first half. “We live in a new phase and we believe that STCP is now well placed to catch up, regain the confidence of its customers and to give quality assurance in service to the people,” said the company’s president, Jorge Delgado.



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