Monday, February 22, 2016

“Porto is very important for TAP,” said David Neeleman – TVI24

The new shareholder of TAP David Neeleman said Monday in New York that “Porto is a very important city for TAP”.

“it is very important. the percentage of our revenue coming from Porto is very important. it’s so important that we decided to do this airlift, which we will begin in March of 18 flights per day, twice more than had “ , Neeleman said.

TAP announced this year that it would suspend, as of March 27, flights from the airport Francisco Sá Carneiro to Barcelona, ​​Brussels, Rome and Milan, claiming treat yourself to unprofitable routes.

“in Porto we have a competitor who is receiving grant airport that we’re not getting. they have much lower costs than we have. we can not set up a company to compete with them, “ , Neeleman said.

the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, argued that the government should force the TAP to “retreat from this position” in relation to those flights.

Neeleman ensured that would not yield to pressures that do not represent the interests the company.

“we will do what is best for TAP to strengthen TAP,” said the businessman.

TAP Portugal launched on Monday two new daily direct flights to the cities of New York and Boston in the United States, which start operating on June 11 (Boston) and July 1 (New York).

the ad was made at a press conference in terminal 5 John F. Kennedy International Airport.

“This is a great day for TAP, a great day for Portugal, for its economy. It’s a great day for all of us, “Neeleman said,

With release rates from 799 euros, flights are on sale from Monday.

These new routes join the destinations of Miami and Newark, which will have daily flights to Lisbon earlier this summer, and the link between Oporto and Newark that happens twice a week.

TAP thus increases the supply to 30 weekly flights between Portugal and the US.

David Neeleman said that the position of the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) that are “grounded disagreement evidence” of European rules on the sale of the company will be resolved quickly.

“There’s some information that they requested last week that we will deliver this week. When they the have, there will be no doubt [about] who is controlling this company “ , Neeleman said.

On Friday, ANAC said there are “grounded disagreement evidence” of European rules on the sale of 61% of TAP to the Gateway, which justifies measures to prevent extraordinary management decisions.

Neeleman said this Monday that “their concern [ANAC regulator] is whether the Europeans are running the company today” and that there is no doubt about it.

the CEO of the company, Fernando Pinto, is this Monday in a meeting with ANAC requested by the regulator.

“They wanted clarification about who is taking decisions in the company, whether Europeans are controlling the company. And that’s the truth. We do not take any decisions without the consent of our Portuguese partners. A decision is made in accordance and with the members of our board are Europeans “ , secured Neeleman.

He added that” nine of the 11 members board are European, two of the three executives are European and the president also have a passport from Portugal. “

Remember that the Gateway consortium includes the American businessman, born in Brazil, David Neeleman, and businessman Portuguese Humberto Pedrosa

the owner of Azul Brazilian company was initially the face of the consortium, but the Portuguese manager Humberto Pedrosa, owner Barraqueiro group, who leads the group.

national leadership, the Gateway consortium circumvented the rules that limit the entry of non-European investors in airlines within the EU.

Asked whether the decision would impact on the bond loan of 120 million that the company seeks the entrepreneur guaranteed not to have “no concern with it.”

“TAP needs investment. Needs more investment than already put, and we have put 180 million and then we will put more money. I have no doubt that this will be solved and that the money will come, “he said.


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